’90 Day Fiance’ Star Paola Mayfield Reveals She Vaccinated Her Baby And It Brought Out The Haters

According to a report by Us Weekly, Paola Mayfield and her husband found themselves facing backlash after revealing they had opted to get their baby vaccinated.

On Monday, Mayfield posted a picture of her child breastfeeding to Instagram. In the caption, she revealed they had taken an important step to ensuring their child’s health.

“My baby boy had his first vaccination today Axel was so brave just like his mommy @russ_mayfield has been reading The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. We have decided that we want to give our son specific vaccinations and avoid potential risks and side effects.”

While some fans congratulated her on choosing to vaccinate her child, others were concerned about the “scheduling” process Dr. Sears advocates in his book.

According to the book’s sales page on Amazon, Dr. Sears suggests that babies don’t necessarily need all of the vaccines offered. He recommends filtering out the ones that aren’t considered crucial in his mind.

He also advocates stretching out the vaccinations so they aren’t all lumped together in order to avoid possible side effects.

Some fans were leery that Mayfield would be doing something similar, but commended her and her husband for looking into getting at least some of the necessary vaccines to protect their child.

After one of the comments supporting her decision stated that she was brave to post her pro-vaccination views, Mayfield stated that she was used to people being “nasty” about the things she does.

Sure enough, there was plenty of nastiness on Instagram. Critics of vaccines and more than one troll came forward to criticize Mayfield and her husband for getting their kid vaccinated.

“Oh great. Another person using their platform for pseudoscience,” one person complained.

Some declared that Mayfield was committing infanticide, and others asked how she felt about being the mother to a child who would develop autism.

While much of the nastiness was on the anti-vaccination side of the argument, there were many on the pro-vaccination side who were equally nasty in their comments.

One user asked how Mayfield felt about her kid being a “walking small pox [sic] blanket.”

Fortunately, there were some fans who refused to get roped into the online hate fest. These fans were simply delighted for Mayfield and her baby.

“Beautiful picture of pure love,” wrote one person.

“You do you, Mama!” encouraged another user.

Many fans commented as to how wonderful it was that regardless of the opinions or the criticisms of her fans, Mayfield is trying to be a good mother. She isn’t letting the negativity or the toxic comments ruin her special day with her beautiful baby boy.

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