‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Chase Reveals Big News To Elizabeth And Drew

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode reveal that all of the breadcrumbs leading to the truth about Ryan being alive are finally being pieced together. Fans had hoped that everything would come to a head with the help of the February sweeps period, and teasers suggest that the end is in sight. A new sneak peek for the March 5 show suggests that Chase will be front and center as people finally figure out the truth.

As everybody saw during Monday’s show, Chase and Curtis managed to get into Jordan’s phone to hear the voicemail that Franco had left her after he was attacked by Ryan. ABC shared a preview via the show’s Twitter page that shares a bit of what comes next.

Drew will approach Elizabeth and ask her to fill him in on the latest developments. They’ll be at General Hospital, and spoilers from the sneak peek reveal that Liz will tell Drew about how Franco showed up at the house and was in and out of consciousness. She’ll also tell Drew that Franco insisted Ryan was alive and responsible for the recent deaths, and this is where Chase will step into the conversation.

Chase will explain that it had been the accepted theory for more than two decades that Ryan was dead. Chase will tell Liz and Drew about how Jordan had been planning to bring him in on a case, but the accident happened before she could tell him more. The detective will explain that he suspects Jordan’s mystery case involved Franco and he’ll tell them about the voicemail.

As the trio discuss this, Chase will note that there have been too many coincidences lately that all involve speculation about Ryan. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he’ll mention how Anna had separately been considering details related to Ryan that didn’t add up, and Liz will be bewildered by the idea that Ryan might still be alive.

While this discussion plays out at GH, SheKnows Soaps shares that Jason will be feeling troubled. Spoilers note that he will be talking with Sam about the Shiloh situation, but this may be the episode where he begins to worry about Carly as well.

Jason will soon find Carly’s phone in the parking lot and, as the week continues, he’ll become increasingly concerned about her whereabouts. As The Inquisitr shared earlier, a new weekly sneak peek gives fans a taste of where this will head over the course of the next few shows. A big confrontation is on the way and it’s not clear yet whether everybody will survive.

Tuesday’s show will show the teen crew being stranded during their secret trip to Niagara Falls, and there are some hints out there that suggest they may end up crossing paths with Ryan and Ava in some sense. The March 5 episode will probably not have as much action related to Laura, Kevin, Carly, Ryan, and Ava as many fans would like. However, it does look like everybody may get to see Franco starting to regain consciousness.

General Hospital spoilers tease that this week will be a chaotic one filled with developments that fans won’t want to miss. Will anyone else perish before Ryan is caught? Will Ryan be taken into custody or manage to escape? Everybody is buzzing over what they think will happen next, and it looks like great stuff is on the way.

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