Stephanie Shepherd, Friend To The Kardashians, Says Khloe Is A ‘Strong Woman’

Longtime friend to the Kardashian clan and former assistant to Kim Kardashian, Stephanie Shepherd told Us Weekly that Khloe is a “strong woman” following the cheating scandal.

During an appearance at the Captain Marvel world premiere, Shepherd had a lot of good things to say about Khloe and how she’s handling the scandal.

“Khloe, she’s a strong, strong woman, and I love her. She has so many great people around her and a great support system with her family.”

Khloe has demonstrated considerable strength since the news broke that Tristan Thompson, her former boyfriend and father to her daughter True, had been cheating on her with Jordyn Woods, her sister Kylie Jenner’s best friend.

The two were caught locking lips in February at a house party, and that one kiss sparked a scandal that rocked the Kardashians and their fan base.

The controversy reached a new height after Woods’ infamous Red Table Talk interview in which she declared that it wasn’t a romantic kiss and she had done nothing wrong.

Initially, Khoe lashed out at Woods on Twitter, stating she was the reason for the breakup of her family and that she was lying in the interview.

But she eventually cooled her heels and placed much of the blame on Tristan, stating on Twitter that it was “Tristan’s fault.”

Perhaps it was in reference to the subtle apology for attacking Woods or for refusing to cut Thompson out of her daughter’s life, but Shepherd thought Khloe’s ability to see “the good in people” was a strong quality of hers.

Shepherd also has a place in her heart for True and raved to reporters about the little girl.

“I met True at the Christmas part, and she is literally the cutest little angel I have ever seen. All those children are just absolutely adorable and the sweetest kids, and it’s just really great to see all of them surrounding themselves with love and family. It’s really great to watch.”

It is unfortunate that True is caught in this terrible situation, but as Shepherd suggests, it is wonderful that she has a loving mother and is surrounded by supportive family.

On Twitter, Khloe stated that her intent is to move on from this scandal and be grateful for the things she already has in her life, like her daughter.

She is also likely grateful for friends like Shepherd who are rooting for her from the sidelines and willing to speak on her behalf.

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