Watch The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Final Season Trailer

HBO released the trailer for the final season of its hit series, Game of Thrones, on Tuesday.

As Buzzfeed News reports, the first of what will likely be several trailers for the final season gives fans precious few glimpses into what will be happening in the final season. Indeed, it is likely filled to the brim with subtle references, Easter eggs, and other surprises that may — or may not — reveal some key plot points in the final season.

Warning: The remainder of this article contains open spoilers for previous seasons of, and the final season of, Game of Thrones.

The trailer, which you can view here and later in this article, begins with Arya Stark, apparently sent into panic by some development or another. With one eye seemingly bloodied, Arya, who has become a warrior, executioner, and mercenary of sorts, appears to be running from someone or something. In a voiceover, Arya says that she has seen death and his many faces (Arya studied under a religion in which death is believed to be a god). She then says that she looks forward to seeing “this one.”

Another scene shows villainess Cersei Lannister, a smirk of self-satisfaction on her lips, her valet Qyburn by her side. It’s unclear what she’s so pleased about, but considering that members of her Queen’s Guard appear behind her, she likely just had someone killed or imprisoned.

The rest of the trailer is a pastiche of scenes, some lasting for less than a fraction of a second, almost all of which depict some sort of peril. Armies march, fires burn, swords are swung.. but it’s hard to tell who is who or what is happening. Voice overs by various characters don’t provide much help, beyond noble promises of doing their part in the upcoming battles and fighting for justice.

Obviously, discerning the meaning of all of these scenes, and putting them within the context of what is known about what has previously happened on the show, will be a job that will take hours if not days. Don’t worry though, the GoT fan community will almost certainly be pouring over every pixel of every frame, looking for something.

Already HBO may or may not have dropped some hints about the upcoming season. Last week HBO dropped 20 still-frame photos of various characters, and those photos may hold some clues.

For example, as reported by The Inquisitr, seven of the 20 characters are shown holding weapons. All but one of them (excluding Theon Greyjoy) are warriors, mercenaries, and the like, so it makes sense that they would be depicted holding weapons. But why Theon – when the previous season ended, Theon was so beaten down by PTSD that he was barely functional, and he was regarded by his peers on his home island as little more than cargo. Further, at least one warrior character, King’s Guard Captain Jaime Lannister, is depicted without his sword, which by all rights should be in his hand, ready for use, at all times. This writer’s theory is that the drawn weapons indicate that the character is due to die in the final season.

Similarly, Sansa Stark’s outfit might also have held some clues, as The Inquisitr notes. Dressed in armor resembling fish scales, the outfit is a nod to Sansa’s mother’s house, House Tully, which has a fish as its sigil. That may indicate that Sansa may step into the role of her mother and be called upon to protect her family. Similarly, the armor itself may indicate that she will herself be thrust into battle.

The final season of Game of Thrones debuts on April 14 on HBO.

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