Chrissy Teigen Sparks ‘Chalkboard Challenge’ From Fans On Twitter, Instagram

There’s another social media challenge sweeping the internet this week, but this one is harmless and adorable. The Chalkboard Challenge was unknowingly started by model-turned-chef Chrissy Teigen last week, when she shared a hilarious photo of her husband, John Legend, holding his own monthly milestone chalkboard.

Now, adult fans across social media are having themselves photographed with creative and ridiculously funny chalkboards, according to People.

On February 23, Teigen posted a photo of her 9-month-old son, Miles, to Instagram. Miles was seen wearing a blue tracksuit, posing with a black chalkboard. Some stats on the board included his height (28 inches), his weight (15.5 pounds), and his number of teeth (2). The board also revealed that he loves bathtime, but doesn’t like quinoa.

Not long after that, the chef shared a photo of 40-year-old Legend in sweats, sitting in the same position as Miles. Legend was captured posing with his own board. Legend’s board stated that his name is Johnny, he is 482 months old, stands 70 inches tall, loves cheese, and doesn’t like beets, E! News reported.

Teigen often shares photos of Miles as he grows on social media. She also frequently shares images of her daughter, Luna, a 2 year old who she shares with Legend. Fans are always in awe at how much Miles resembles his famous father. Teigen only wanted to poke fun at how similar Legend looks when compared to baby Miles, but she started something much greater.

On Friday, a Twitter user named Courtney tagged Teigen in a photo of her 63-year-old father posing with baby toys and a chalkboard, the latter outing him as Fred. Fred is 756 months old, 69 inches tall, has all 30 teeth, and loves baseball. However, he’s not a fan of losing games.

“Hi, can we submit our dad as the first entry in #chrissyschalkboardchallenge thank you,” the tweet read.

Teigen responded to the tweet, “Oh my god I love him!!”

Dozens of other entries came pouring in, some celebrating adulthood, and others documenting the growth of actual babies.

One photo showed a woman named Nancy on her 50th birthday. Nancy was seen sporting a pink t-shirt and a matching tutu as she reached for a pink cake. A black chalkboard sat on a table beside her.

“Hi @chrissyteigen can I enter my sister in your #chrissyschalkboardchallenge #cakesmash was a great way to celebrate her #50yearsofawesomeness,” the tweet said, according to ET Canada.

Another 30-year-old user shared a photo of herself with a heart-shaped chalkboard that revealed she loves naps and tequila, but hates “adulting.” Don’t we all?