Marty Caffrey Says He’s Troubled By Danielle Staub’s Split From Fiancé Oliver Maier, ‘RHONJ’ Star Responds

Marty Caffrey is addressing Danielle Staub’s recent split from Oliver Maier, who she was supposed to marry on Monday, March 4.

In a statement to Us Weekly magazine, Caffrey said that while he cares about the Real Housewives of New Jersey star and would love to see her find love at some point, he was troubled by her whirlwind romance with the businessman, which came to an end earlier this week.

“I wish, and will always wish, [for] Danielle to achieve true love and happiness,” Caffrey said. “I fell in love with her, remember? And although I divorced her last August, this still troubles me.”

Caffrey and Staub got married in the Bahamas in May of last year and began facing issues within their marriage in July. As some may recall, Caffrey took to Instagram at the time and called out the reality star for pretending to be something she’s not. Then, in September, he filed for divorce after just months of marriage.

Although Staub was believed to be single after their split, she ultimately began dating Maier earlier this year and confirmed their relationship at the end of last month on Instagram. Days later, her engagement was confirmed, and it was revealed that after a trip to St. Barts, Staub and Maier were planning to get married in New York City.

“I had early suspicions and doubts about the sincerity about this St. Barts nonsense,” Caffrey said. “Oliver and Danielle would serve themselves well by putting their feet on the ground and staying there forever. I doubt either can.”

Also in his statement to Us Weekly, Caffrey mentioned the rumors suggesting Maier was dating Gina Curko at the time he first met Danielle, calling the relationship an “absolute disgrace.”

“Having no regard for Gina and her kids and Danielle’s kids is something I will never understand,” he said.

While Staub has not yet addressed Caffrey’s statements about the end of her relationship with Maier herself, she did share a statement through her rep, which read, “Marty would serve himself well by minding his own business and not trying to start a career in reality television.”

Because the new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is not yet in production, Staub’s latest relationship drama is not expected to be featured when the new episodes begin airing.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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