Chris Harrison Almost Called Police After Bachelor Colton Underwood’s Fence Jump

Chris Harrison, the host of ABC’s The Bachelor, revealed to E! News that he almost called the police after series star Colton Underwood jumped a fence and disappeared during production. The Bachelor star and the remaining contestants of Season 23, Tayshia, Cassie, and Hannah G. were in Algarve, Portugal, at the time of the now-infamous incident.

Said Harrison in an interview with E! News, “When things started taking the direction they did, and I saw him throw off his mic, and start walking out, I thought, ‘Let me go talk to him.’ So I started walking down this driveway and I saw the fence. I figured he would stop and we would have this confrontation, good or bad, and then he went up and over.”

“When I opened the gate, I saw that everyone was gone and there was just darkness in the middle of nowhere. After a couple of minutes, I realized we lost the Bachelor. We don’t know where he was at all. We decided to give it five more minutes and then we were going to call the cops. We couldn’t just let him disappear.”

The show host and producer explained that Underwood’s disappearance was a situation the show had never faced before. In the end, he explained that what unfolds after the emotional breakdown of the show’s lead star is very raw and emotional.

Prior to the shocking incident, the show seemed to go on as normal, with Colton having the first two of his three dates that would ultimately end with a night in the show’s infamous Fantasy Suite.

Although his date with Tayshia went well and the couple revealed many intimacies to one another, including the fact that she too was a virgin until she wed her first husband, Colton did not consummate his feelings with one of the show’s three finalists. Tayshia told Colton she loved him, a feeling he did not reciprocate.

Colton’s date with Cassie went wonderfully and he appeared to be genuinely happy to be around her, noting that Cassie made him feel “complete,” and he believed he truly loved her. Unfortunately, Cassie did not appear to share the same feelings and said that she needed more time to process her emotions towards Underwood. Cassie was further confused after learning that during their hometown date, her father did not give permission for Colton to propose.

The ultimate bombshell, before the fence jump, was when Cassie’s father, Matt, appeared at the remote location and continued to express his concerns about an engagement. A conflicted Cassie decided to leave the show to go home to try and make sense of the situation. Colton expressed his love for her and she, in turn, clapped back by telling him she wanted him to be with someone who was “insanely in love” with him and that was not her, at least not at that point.

Hence the frustration-filled fence jump.

The Bachelor two-part finale begins Monday, March 11, on ABC.

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