Kailyn Lowry Apologizes On Social Media For How She Handled The Latest Drama On ‘Teen Mom 2’

On the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2, fans watched as the child support drama between Jo Rivera and Kailyn Lowry played out on the screen. While Kail has been open about she and Jo talking and getting along since the episodes were filmed, she took it a step further on Monday night and apologized on social media for the way she acted on the show.

“I was a piece of s**t this episode & how I handled the entire situation. #teenmom2 I’m sorry,” Kailyn wrote on Twitter after the show had aired on Monday night. She also revealed that she apologized to Jo “privately.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jo and Kail ended up working things out in regards to the child support and Kail explained that she credited Vee for everyone “being in a good place.” At the time, Kail didn’t reveal why exactly she credited Vee, but on Monday night’s episode, fans started to see how things played out.

According to Us Weekly, on the latest episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn talked about a text she had received from Vee.

The text read, “I just figure that little by little, Isaac will see, ‘Why aren’t my parents as close as they used to be?’ You don’t think it will impact him now, but it will and it sucks.”

Vee also claimed that she didn’t agree with the way Jo handled filing for child support and believed he should not have done so without telling Kailyn. Kailyn’s friend Becky echoed Vee’s sentiments and explained that Kailyn needed to think how everything was going to impact Isaac.

After the new episode, Kailyn revealed on Twitter that she believed both Vee and Becky were right.

Of course, even though Kail and Jo have worked everything out, viewers will still get to watch it all play out on their television screens. Likewise, Kailyn and Jo will have to relive it again as well. However, knowing that everyone was able to work everything out is encouraging.

Although Jo and Kailyn are no longer together, they have done a good job at co-parenting their son. While there was a time that they may not have gotten along too well, things changed for the better. When Jo and Vee got married last year, Kailyn was even at their wedding.

New episodes of Teen Mom 2 are airing Monday nights on MTV. Fans can tune in to catch up with Kailyn and her three young boys.

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