Wendy Madison Bauer: Luke Perry’s Fiancee Traded In The Hollywood Spotlight To Help Those In Need

Wendy Madison Bauer had a taste of the spotlight, but decided on trading in the Hollywood life to instead help those in need.

The fiancee to late actor Luke Perry has been thrust into the spotlight following his death on Monday. Luke Perry’s passing comes after having suffered a massive stroke last week. A statement from the actor’s representative noted that Perry passed away with friends and family by his side, including the 44-year-old Bauer.

Though Bauer had a handful of acting credits in her day — including appearances on House and The Mentalist, per IMDb — she has not had any acting credits since 2011. Today, she works as a marriage and family therapist in Beverly Hills, 90212.

Wendy Madison Bauer’s profile page on Psychology Today notes that she works primarily with adults suffering from depression, anxiety, other mental disorders, and those working through grief. The profile noted that Bauer aimed to help people when they were at their lowest.

“Most people come to me when problems have become unbearable. They feel alone and stuck and powerless to do anything about it,” the profile read. “They come in hoping I can tell them what they need to do to feel better. I provide support and guidance so that my clients do not have to bear their struggles alone.”

Even after she sparked a relationship with Luke Perry, Wendy Madison Bauer wasn’t much for the spotlight. The couple were seen at only a handful of public events, and when the two were seen together at the GLAAD Media Awards in April of 2017, The Daily Mail referred to Bauer as a “brunette mystery woman.” The two kept their relationship low-key as well, preferring to live a quiet life a little further from the bright spotlight of Hollywood.

Luke Perry did not date anyone publicly for more than a decade following his 2003 divorce from wife Rachel Sharp. As The Daily Mail report noted, the low-key relationship with Bauer was quite a change from Perry’s days as the heartthrob Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills, 90210. During that time, Perry became one of the fixtures of the early celebrity news circuit — and got plenty of attention for relationships with co-stars Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth.

Wendy Madison Bauer also helped Luke Perry through some difficult times, including the actor’s diagnosis with growths on his colon, which were surgically removed. Afterward, Luke Perry shared his story in an effort to help promote understanding of colorectal cancers.

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