‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Vents To Husband Cole DeBoer After Adam Lind Stands Daughter Aubree Up Again

Chelsea Houska’s ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, is majorly failing at being a parent.

After giving up rights to his youngest daughter Paislee last year, Lind is able to see his oldest daughter, Aubree, only during court-ordered visitation. Yet for whatever reason, he continues to skip out on the opportunities he’s been given to see his child.

In a sneak peek at tonight’s new episode of Teen Mom 2, posted by MTV, Houska was seen driving to the visitation to pick her daughter up from what should have been a lunch date with her father. However, once Houska arrives, she’s informed that Lind wasn’t present during the visit, even though his mother informed Aubree that he would be.

After learning what happened, Houska calls DeBoer on speaker phone to tell him that Lind was a no-show. Luckily, Aubree doesn’t seem upset about it and explains that she believed he wouldn’t be there before arriving at their lunch date.

As the scene continues, Houska says she suspects Aubree wanted to hear what DeBoer had to say because she likes when he gets upset at her father and shows he cares about her.

Houska and DeBoer share two children of their own, including son Watson and daughter Layne.

In September of last year, an insider spoke to Radar Online and explained why Lind wasn’t yet planning on giving up his parental rights to Aubree as he did with Paisley.

“It’s a little more complicated with Aubree,” the source explained. “She’s older and has a consistent visitation/relationship with his parents. I’m sure he’d jump at the chance, but it’s going to have to be him to make the first move.”

After Lind gave up his rights to Paislee, his former girlfriend Taylor Halbur’s new husband, Joe Leonard, adopted the child. Shortly thereafter, Halbur shared a sweet photo of the two of them on Instagram and confirmed the exciting news for their family.

During last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, via People magazine, Houska and DeBoer discussed the idea of DeBoer adopting Aubree.

“I mean, yeah. I’d do it right now if she wants to. I’d never make her do anything,” DeBoer said.

“It’s hard because we know what we feel is the best for her. I feel what is best for her is if he was completely out of the picture instead of in and out,” Houska replied.

To see more of Houska, DeBoer, and their family, tune into new episodes of Teen Mom 2 on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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