John Legend’s Naked Juice Ad Encourages Healthy Living Through ‘Little Choices’

John Legend released a new Naked Juice promo on Twitter that suggests “little choices” are key to a healthier life.

The message was sponsored by Naked Juice. It has Legend sitting next to a handful of Naked Juice bottles having a casual conversation about some things he does to keep himself healthy.

Things like going swimming with the kids, consciously choosing to eat green vegetables, and having a salad for breakfast are some of the things Legend says help keep him healthy.

The caption of the video suggests that these small choices can have a huge impact on your health.

“Whether you eat a salad for breakfast (yes that’s a thing), choose the stairs over the escalator, or track your steps, @NakedJuice and I want to remind you that little choices can make a big difference. What are your little healthy choices? #HoweverYouHealthy #sponsored”

Twitter users have responded positively to the message and agreed that “little choices” do have an impact.

One person mentioned that they used to be healthier when they walked everywhere but said that since they started using modern transportation, they gained “over 50 pounds.”

Some users have responded negatively to the ad saying the Naked Juice beverages are “sugar bombs” and are a terrible product to promote for healthier living.

As Forbes reports, Legend signed on to be a spokesperson last year for the Drink Good Do Good movement started by Naked Juice in 2015.

Legend reveals that he suffered “food insecurity” as a kid whenever the family went to buy groceries. He relates that in his neighborhood, many people were living on food stamps and were unable to afford healthy, nutritious foods for their families.

Legend and Misty Copland, who also became a spokesperson for the movement, made waves last year when they promoted the shopping cart dance challenge called Fill Your Cart For Good.

The Naked company promised that for every video of someone doing a shopping cart dance, they would donate $100 to Wholesome Wave to help struggling families afford healthy food.

In spite of the mixed reactions from fans regarding Legend’s partnership with Naked, the message of the ad seems to be having a positive impact nonetheless.

His encouragement to help people make “little choices” to improve their health can go a long way to helping a lot of people who may not have the time, resources, or even many options to improve their health and wellness.

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