‘Good Girls’ Recap And Spoilers From Season 2 Premiere

It’s been 11 months since we last left Annie (Mae Whitman), Beth (Christina Hendricks), and Ruby (Retta) in the season finale of Good Girls. The episode left viewers on the edges of their seats as Beth faced the decision of shooting her husband Dean (Matthew Lillard).

The season premiere, titled “I’d Rather Be Crafting,” opens with Beth buying cleaning supplies that she will eventually use to clean blood stains that appeared on her rug the night before. It’s not revealed whether Beth shot Dean — who lied to her about having cancer in Season 1, so she wouldn’t divorce him for putting them in debt and cheating on her — or if she shot her boss, Rio (Manny Montana). Rio had “led her down a dangerous, yet titillating path of criminal activity,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

The show then cuts to a period of time 12 hours later, where we find Annie and her married ex — and baby daddy — Gregg (played by Zach Gilford). They still in the throes of passion, as they are seen making out in a parked car with foggy windows. They are speaking Spanish to each other, presumably in a drunken haze. Later on in the episode, Gregg threatens to leave his wife for Annie, though she is adamantly against this notion. During their conversation at Annie’s house, their teenage daughter, Sadie (Izzy Stanard) almost walks in on the exes. They brush this off, and convince her that they are discussing their visiting schedule with Sadie.

In a less steamy scene, Ruby and Stan (played by Reno Wilson) are having obvious marital problems that have resulted in Stan sleeping on the couch. He tells his wife that he doesn’t know what his wife wants from him after learning about her criminal trysts.


The season premiere also covers exactly what happened in the season finale cliffhanger. Rio asks Beth if she “has what it takes” to shoot Dean, but Beth isn’t initially convinced that the gun is loaded. Rio assures her it is, as she can tell by the weight of the gun. Beth points the gun in Rio’s direction, and he casually walks towards her. Rio then pushes Beth’s hair back and caresses her, assuring her that she did her best. As soon as Beth lets her guard down, however, Rio shoots Dean — and says, “now we’re good, darling.” It’s later revealed that Dean survives the shooting, and Beth tries to make the ordeal up to him by catering to him when he’s back from the hospital.

In the final scene of the premiere, the girls see Rio for the first time since he shot Dean. Rio appears at the same park which Beth takes her son to. He shows up with his own son, which is a twist for the character. It’s discovered that Rio knows the girls are connected to Boomer (Dan Hornsby), who runs the grocery store the girls robbed. Because Boomer is the one trying to take Rio down, he tells the girls that he needs them to “take care of him.” He then leaves a fast food bag on the bench where they’re sitting. When Beth opens it, Annie and Ruby instantly ask what it is. The show’s ending credits roll, providing no answer.

The season premiere of Good Girls is just the beginning of what executive producer Jenna Bans says will be a more complicated season than the first, Variety reports.

“This season is much darker, much bolder,” Bans said. “We definitely push them much further in Season 2, in terms of what they’re willing to do.”

Good Girls airs Sundays on NBC at 10 p.m. EST.

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