‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Tonight, Colton Underwood Finally Does It – ‘He Just Jumped The F**king Fence!’

Colton Underwood doesn’t have many women left on his season of The Bachelor, and it is certainly obvious that some decisions will need to be made. If he’s going to have his true love to spend eternity with, there will be some who need to go home. Interestingly enough, tonight’s episode of The Bachelor is the one that everyone has been waiting for as it appears as if it’s actually Colton who wants to go home.

The following information from this point on will contain spoilers for the current season of The Bachelor starring Colton Underwood. If you don’t want to know what happens ahead of time, you should stop reading now.

For anyone who has seen a single episode of this season, you most undoubtedly know that Colton Underwood wants to high-tail it out of there. As previously reported by Inquisitr, he’s not the only one who has tried to leave the hit ABC series, but this one may be the most dramatic.

Over the last couple of days, the official Twitter account of The Bachelor has started sharing more and more clips for Monday night’s episode. Honestly, these previews from ABC may end up being some of the best things that have happened this season, and Chris Harrison’s reaction is nothing but classic.

As you can see in the video, Colton is just fed up with whatever was going on and he wanted nothing to do with the show any longer. Production crew members called after him and someone even said that they needed to find Chris to let him know what was going on.

That’s when a camera caught up with Chris Harrison as he casually walked toward Colton Underwood and called out his name. Another camera pops back to the leading man who leaps up and over a tall white fence surrounding the place that everyone was staying, and Harrison drops a gem of a line.

“He just jumped the f**king fence!”

Once that little bit of information was revealed for this season of The Bachelor, fans began obsessing over it. They weren’t sure exactly when it was going to happen or what the reason may be behind Colton’s takeoff, but they wanted it to happen.

In all reality, this one moment has taken over the current season of The Bachelor as fans want it more than anything else. Sure, they will eventually be happy to see who Colton ends up picking, but him literally hopping a fence in the middle of the night is pure TV drama gold.

According to Us Magazine, Harrison was only about 10 yards behind him when it happened, and he actually says that he “may or may not” have been the reason that Colton bolted. No more was given as to the exact reason why Colton took off over the fence, but that should be revealed on Monday night.

One would think that the focus is on the Fantasy Suite dates coming up for Colton and the remaining women, but that fence has taken center stage.


Colton Underwood’s virginity being lost? The Fantasy Suite dates taking place? Someone else being sent home? All of that could end up coming about on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, but fans are going to be tuning in, primarily, to see the leading man jump the fence and take off.

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