Wendy Williams Denies All Reports About Her Marriage Problems During Highly Anticipated Return To Show

Wendy Williams is back in action. On Monday, March 4, the famed talk show host returned to The Wendy Williams Show after a two-month hiatus due to complications of Graves’ disease. Despite the ongoing health battle, a revitalized Williams stunned fans when she graced the stage today.

In true Wendy Williams fashion, she wasted no time getting down to business. Since there have been tons of reports about her health and her marriage over the last two months, she decided to set the record straight about everything.

According to People magazine, Williams addressed the ongoing rumors about her marriage. It’s no secret Wendy’s husband, Kevin Hunter, has been at the center of all kinds of rumors. From infidelity to domestic abuse, there have been lots of accusations made against him.

But are the rumors true? Is Kevin cheating on Wendy? Has he been abusive throughout their entire marriage, as his own mother previously indicated? According to Williams, none of the rumors are true, and that includes the claims made by Kevin’s mother. The former radio personality made it clear she is still in love with her husband.

While Wendy did admit they’ve had their share of ups and downs, she’s not going anywhere.

“I’m still very much in love with my husband and anyone who’s been married … you know.” She continued, “Marriages have ebbs and flows, marriage isn’t easy. And don’t ask me about mine until you see this gone.”

“And it ain’t going anywhere, not in this lifetime.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, multiple reports attempted to shed light on Kevin Hunter. Although the talk show host’s fans were concerned about the hiatus being the beginning of the end for The Wendy Williams Show, reports suggested that her staff found her and Kevin’s absence to be peaceful. With the famous pair on set, there was reportedly less tension. Since Williams had been out of the picture, production reportedly flowed smoothly.

The latest news follows a string of reports about Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter’s marriage. For years, Kevin has been at the center of multiple cheating scandals. But unlike many other male celebrities, Kevin hasn’t been linked to multiple women. In fact, there’s only one woman — Sharina Hudson — whom he’s allegedly seen behind his wife’s back. It has been reported that Kevin has been romantically involved with Sharina for several years now despite being married to Wendy.

On several occasions, Kevin and Sharina have been spotted together publicly. From morning trips to the gym to dinner at restaurants, the pair has reportedly carried on for years. To make matters worse, reports also indicated that he’d purchased a home with Sharina just minutes away from the home he shares with Wendy Williams and their son, Kevin Jr. Nevertheless, Wendy has always made it clear she’s standing by her husband no matter what.

The Wendy Williams Show will now resume as usual. With all of the reports about Kevin, Wendy will likely be addressing the issue again in the near future.

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