Snoop Dogg Blasts The Lakers, Offers To Give Up His Box Seats For $5 In Profanity-Laced Rant

Snoop Dogg is throwing in the towel on the L.A. Lakers. The rapper, who has long been a superfan of the NBA team, is so fed up with their play this season that he’s ready to give away his pricey box seats to fans who can cough up five bucks.

Following the Lakers embarrassing loss to the low-ranked Phoenix Suns over the weekend, Snoop Dogg posted a video in which he verbalized his disgust over his once-beloved team. In a profanity-laced, minute-long video, Snoop blasted the team and coaching staff and offered up his booth at the Staples Center to fans for $5 for the rest of the season, according to Yahoo Sports.

In the video, Snoop said it’s been a “bad year” for his favorite sports teams, the Steelers and the Lakers.

Of the Lakers, the “Gin and Juice” rapper said, “Somebody got to go,” and he suggested it should start with the coach, Luke Walton. In one of the most shocking parts of the rant, Snoop Dogg added, “This is not the L.A. way,” and he suggested, “Get a slave ship and ship all them sorry m*****f***ers outta here.”

The rapper then stunned fans even further by announcing he’s ready to sell his booth to the Lakers games for the rest of this season.

“I got a booth for the next two, three years. This year, y’all can have it. Five dollars for the m*****-f***ing booth to the Laker games. Five dollars is the price. Anybody can have it, all the homies, blow me up right now.”

Yahoo notes that LeBron James might be the only Laker left that Snoop Dogg still likes, as the rapper called for someone to come in and help the NBA star.

Snoop Dogg’s rant about the Lakers is a far cry from his past fandom. In happier times, the rapper previously paid homage to the Los Angeles basketball team by giving Kobe Bryant a tricked out Lakers-themed car as a retirement gift, according to ESPN.

Three months after his final pro game, Snoop Dogg gifted Bryant with a custom gold and purple 1964 Chevy Impala convertible to honor his 20 seasons as a player on the Los Angeles Lakers. The rapper had the hood of the custom ride painted with pictures of Lakers legends, including Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, as well as a supersized picture of Snoop wearing a #20 Lakers jersey.

Longtime Snoop Dogg fans may recall that the rapper even showed off his Lakers-themed basketball court during a tour of his California mansion on MTV’s Cribs back in 2000. Snoop is also known to turn up on late-night talk shows wearing a Lakers jersey. Yet, he sounds like he may be putting that fashion statement on hold for the rest of this season.

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