Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Have Made Secret Trips To Visit Her Mother In Los Angeles

Neighbors of Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, say they have seen the duchess and Prince Harry in Los Angeles visiting in secret. The royal couple was spotted just after the official trip to New Zealand and Australia, where they were able to get in and out of the United States without being spotted by the press. Australia says that a woman who lives a few doors down from Doria Ragland says that she’s known the family for a while, and says that the bond between mother and daughter is still very tight.

“Meghan is a mummy’s girl — their special mother-daughter bond hasn’t disappeared just because she’s moved to England.”

The neighbor added that Los Angeles will always be Markle’s home, and wherever Ragland is, the duchess will always be able to find solace.

“I even saw him here once, but it’s not my place to say any more.”

The neighbor wouldn’t give dates for these trips, but she says that she has seen Markle around Ragland’s home more than once since the royal couple got engaged.

David and Victoria Beckham hosted Meghan Markle soon after the engagement announcement at their Beverly Hills home, so she could come to Los Angeles, but still, have some privacy.

And while her Markle side of the family is not welcome in London or Windsor, the doors are said to always be wide open for the duchess’ mother, who will be in England for the birth of her first grandchild in April.

But this hasn’t stopped Thomas and Samantha Markle from continuing to bombard Meghan in the press with everything from pleas to threats, says The Inquisitr. Samantha Markle has been in regular contact with Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, calling the duchess heartless for not inviting their father, Thomas Markle, to come and visit with the royal family.

Thomas Markle Jr. has also spoken out publicly to ask the queen to give his father a title.

Most recently, Samantha Markle went on a rant against George Clooney, along with his wife, Amal, who happen to be a close friends of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Clooney had taken a stand for Meghan after her family and members of the press started piling on with daily criticism.

Samantha Markle posted an angry tweet on Twitter telling Clooney to mind his own business.

“Hey Looney Clooney! Your lawyer wife should have taught you not to make statements without facts. I doubt #GeorgeClooney would ghost his mother for no legitimate reason. Be quite [sic] Georgie.”

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