Diddy Admits Wrongdoing Toward Kim Porter In Brief, Compelling, Instagram Post

Sean “Diddy” Combs and Kim Porter were together more than 10 years before they opted to go their separate ways. But since they had three children together, the two were heavily involved in each other’s lives even after their split. Sadly, it wasn’t until after Kim Porter’s death that Diddy made it clear she was “the one that got away.” Diddy’s confession came as a result of a fan’s comment via Instagram.

According to Hollywood Life, on March 3, a grieving Diddy took to Instagram with yet another photo of a candid moment he shared with Kim Porter. While many fans paid their respects again, one fan harshly reminded Diddy of his past indiscretions. Although Diddy now knows Kim Porter was “the one that got away,” sadly he didn’t know when they broke up.

At the time, Diddy wasn’t interested in marriage and a fan quickly reminded him of that. But instead of firing back in response to the comment, Diddy surprised fans by suggesting he took Kim Porter for granted and “played” himself. The man wrote, “When she was alive you didn’t wanna marry her.” Diddy simply replied, “I know. Played myself smh.”

Diddy’s latest comments on Instagram follow a string of reports about the tragic death of Kim Porter. Back in November, the mother-of-four passed away following complications of pneumonia. Like her beloved children and those who loved her, Diddy was absolutely devastated. Kim Porter’s tragic, untimely death took many by surprise. According to Dr. Reed Wilson, there are times when “young healthy people die” as a result of the “pneumonia bug.”

“The usual deaths we see from pneumonia are the elderly, the very young and those with chronic illness. But occasionally we see young healthy people die, unfortunately. So how does this happen, there are a couple of ways. The pneumonia bug could leave the lung and get into the bloodstream. This spreads the bug all over the body very quickly, this is called sepsis.”

Diddy was at the center of tons of reports following Kim Porter’s death because he was heavily involved in the planning of her funeral. He has also vowed to not only be there for their three children together but also her oldest son, Quincy, from a previous relationship. Over the years, Diddy has forged a close bond with the mothers of his children so they basically have a blended family. She was also instrumental in raising his son, Justin, and his daughter, Chance, from separate relationships.

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