Stars Pay Tribute To ‘Voice’ Contestant Janice Freeman In Wake Of Her Tragic Death

Janice Freeman has skyrocketed into the public eye since her appearance as a contestant on Season 13 of The Voice in 2017. Freeman quickly became a fan favorite due to her uplifting personality and powerful voice. She wowed the judges with an impressive rendition of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons and was eventually welcomed onto Miley Cyrus’ vocal team. With Cyrus’ coaching, she was able to fine-tune her voice and grew a supportive fan base. Unfortunately, her life was cut short after a bad case of pneumonia. She passed away on Saturday at only 33-years-old, according to USA Today.

In her short life, Freeman was faced with many enormous obstacles, all of which she endured with a positive attitude. She had previously survived cervical cancer and was living with lupus, an autoimmune disease. Swarmed with medical bills, her family struggled to remain on their feet. Choosing to try out for The Voice would end up being a decision that would change her life. Not only was she able to jump-start the career she’d always dreamed of, but she made several life long friends.

Freeman and Cyrus became close friends during the filming of the show and remained in contact afterward. Cyrus even offered her a helping hand with her financial obligations.

“(Cyrus) found us placement until we found permanent housing, gave me the deposit, covered me for 6 months so I can get on my feet,” she previously tweeted.

Among the many stars to pay tribute to the budding star was Cyrus herself. The singer posted a photo of herself and Freeman from her time on The Voice. Cyrus was heartbroken by the news of Freeman’s sudden death but is comforted by the happy memories that they shared together.

Jennifer Hudson was among the many who were inspired by the powerhouse that was Janice Freeman. She also paid tribute to her in a touching post on social media. “The voice of hers we got to hear and the bit of life we got to watch her live was a blessing and inspiration to us all,” she wrote on Instagram.

Freeman’s death was highly unexpected. She’d been recovering from pneumonia when a blood clot traveled to her heart, ending her life. Her husband, Dion, did everything he could to save her, administering CPR until the ambulance arrived. Unfortunately, it was too late. In addition to her loving husband, Freeman leaves behind her 12-year-old daughter Hannah.

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