Marvel Reportedly Planning A New ‘Blade’ Movie Starring Wesley Snipes, And It Will Be Rated R

When The Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel, they knew exactly what they were getting and have made a fortune off of it. Disney has worked to acquire all of the Marvel characters under the same banner. That includes the vampire hunter known as Blade, and it appears as if another film is in the works with Wesley Snipes in the lead role.

And just because Disney has the rights to the movie doesn’t mean it is going to be cookie-cutter. Disney CEO Bob Iger has already said that they’re going to continue making R-rated comic book movies. He name-dropped Deadpool, but there are some others which could benefit from that reveal.

One of them is the Blade franchise.

According to We Got This Covered, Marvel is reportedly working on a fourth movie in the Blade franchise and it will be rated R. Wesley Snipes has said for years that he wants to return to the role and it would be almost a miscarriage of justice to not have him take over the part again. That and the fans would likely revolt if anyone else tried to wear his trench coat and sunglasses.

That fan brought up the idea of a remake of Blade, and Snipes simply responded with the fact that he was waiting on Marvel.

We Got This Covered reports that a script is already written for a new Blade movie. It’s not a remake and it is just an early draft, but it’s been written and focuses on Eric Brooks (Blade) training his daughter to be a warrior against the world of vampires. Seeing as it is very early in the process, the story could be altered some or changed entirely.

The last movie in the franchise was Blade Trinity, which hit theaters in 2004 and was the most criticized of the trilogy. Along with Snipes in the lead role, the film also starred Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds, who was in his first superhero film before Green Lantern and Deadpool.

In the past, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has commented on Blade and said that the character isn’t dead. While nothing was on the schedule for him, Feige knows that fans love the character and wouldn’t rule out a return for him in the future.

Wesley Snipes is only 56-years-old and could very easily return to don the outfit and carry the sword for another Blade film. If the rumors are true and a script has already been written, it wouldn’t be out of the question for the movie to hit theaters within the next two years. Only time will tell if the vampires are in danger again, but it certainly would be awesome to see.

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