‘General Hospital’ Comings And Goings: Familiar Faces Set To Shake Up Port Charles, Rumors Of Departures Swirl

General Hospital spoilers tease that the week of March 4 will be jam-packed with action. Ryan’s anxious to skip town with Ava, as Franco and Jordan are both fighting for their lives. Teasers hint that the days ahead will bring lots of intense action, as well as some shifts in the cast makeup.

The Inquisitr has already revealed that Dominic Zamprogna would be stepping back into the role he originated of Dante Falconeri. As viewers have seen, Sonny has taken it upon himself to go rescue his son in Turkey. It is known that Zamprogna has been filming already and will be back for a short arc, but it’s not known yet exactly what date he’ll first show up on-screen.

In addition to a return of Dante, The Inquisitr has shared that Jasper “Jax” Jacks will be back in Port Charles soon, as well. Ingo Rademacher revealed the exciting news, and fans have been buzzing about what will propel this return. Again, it’s not known when Rademacher’s return begins, on-air, but it sounds as if it will be soon.

SheKnows Soaps shares that Brytni Sarpy is already gone from General Hospital and the role of Valerie Spencer that she originated went with her. Sarpy is heading to The Young and the Restless and the buzz is that she’ll have a meaty role there as Elena Dawson. Unfortunately, viewers already saw the last of Sarpy in the role of Valerie, as February 14 was the episode featuring her last scenes.

Viewers watched as the character of Daisy was recently banished by Shiloh after she took responsibility for taunting Sam about her past. Many fans had a feeling that Daisy wasn’t necessarily gone for good and General Hospital spoilers confirm that she’ll be back. Viewers can expect to see actress Kelsey Wang back as Daisy at some point in the coming week.

Both Sofia Mattsson and Tristan Rogers are back in the mix of things for now, but it’s not known right now how long Sasha and Robert will be sticking around Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers hint that Felicia, Mac, and Lucy will all be front-and-center in the coming week, as the Ryan storyline inches toward a conclusion, and fans always love to watch Kristina Wagner, John York, and Lynn Herring shaking things up.

Actress Sydney Mikayla is currently playing teen Trina, notes SheKnows Soaps, and she’ll be heading to Niagara Falls with Josslyn, Oscar, and Cameron. Viewers have speculated that a car accident may be on the way for the teens, and some wonder if Trina might end up gravely injured and ultimately become a kidney donor for Jordan. Right now, it’s not known how much viewers will see of Trina.

Dr. Cabot, played by Time Winters, seems to be gone for now, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that he could be back at some point down the road. As for any other imminent exits, there have been some rumors floating around, but nothing confirmed.

It’s been rumored that Matt Cohen may be exiting as Dr. Griffin Munro, and there’s been a lot of buzz swirling that Oscar may perish in the anticipated car accident just as his cancer is in remission. There’s been no confirmation that Garren Stitt is leaving General Hospital at this point, but it would certainly shake things up if these rumors were accurate.

While lives are hanging in the balance, as these current storylines move forward, there’s no solid indication that any other core characters are on their way out. Briana Henry’s Jordan, Roger Howarth’s Franco, Laura Wright’s Carly, and Maura West’s Ava all are expected to pull through the chaos they’re facing in the days ahead.

General Hospital spoilers tease that the action will be quite intense over the next few days, and many separate storylines are starting to converge with one another. There may be other significant comings and goings on the horizon, and fans will be anxious to see what the writers have planned for the days ahead.

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