Oprah Winfrey Reportedly Bracing For Backlash Due To Interview With Michael Jackson’s Accusers

Oprah Winfrey is now at the center of one of the controversial scandals of 2019 — the bizarre, graphic documentary Leaving Neverland. Although there was a time when Oprah was relatively close to Michael Jackson, now the legendary journalist-turned-businesswoman is hoping to get to the bottom of the disturbing allegations surrounding the documentary.

According to Celebrity Insider, it was previously rumored that Oprah would be conducting an interview with Jackson’s accusers, James Safechuck and Wade Robson. Now, it has been confirmed that the interview will be airing on March 4. Of course, many of Jackson’s adoring fans aren’t pleased with the interview and all of the scathing allegations it would likely reveal. However, an insider close to Oprah claims she isn’t afraid of the backlash.

In fact, she’s expecting it, but she isn’t at all worried. Oprah reportedly wants answers and hard facts and, according to the insider, she doesn’t mind doing the work to get solid answers. Variety reports a determined Oprah adamantly said, “I’m gonna get it.”

The interview was reportedly filmed live in front of an audience that “consisted of no less than a hundred survivors of abuse,” according to the publication. Oprah offered her take on the Leaving Neverland film saying, “This movie transcends Michael Jackson. It allows us to see societal corruption.”


The latest news follows a string of reports about Leaving Neverland. Once again, Jackson’s seemingly dark past has become a major topic of discussion. Although the singer was acquitted on child molestation charges back in 2005, there was still speculation that he committed the crimes. Since this is the first time Robson and Safechuck have opted to speak out, there is speculation about their stories, but Oprah reportedly believes they are telling the truth.

However, the Jackson family is hoping that the entire situation goes away. In a previously released statement, Jackson’s family shared their reaction to the incriminating documentary, admitting they are furious with the media. The Jackson family also hopes that everyone can just let the King of Pop rest in peace.

“Michael Jackson is our brother and son. We are furious that the media, who without a shred of proof or single piece of physical evidence, chose to believe the word of two admitted liars over the word of hundreds of families and friends around the world who spent time with Michael, many at Neverland, and experienced his legendary kindness and global generosity. We are proud of what Michael Jackson stands for.”

Oprah Winfrey Presents: After Neverland is scheduled to air on Monday, March 4, at 10 p.m. on OWN and HBO.

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