Teddi Mellencamp Asks For Understanding After Receiving Threats Over ‘RHOBH’ Drama

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 is only a few episodes in, but that hasn’t stopped the drama from escalating at an impressive rate. This season, a dog adoption gone wrong has divided the women into two groups: Lisa Vanderpump and everyone else. After Dorit Kemsley adopted a puppy from Vanderpump Dogs, she decided the dog was not the right fit for her family and passed the chihuahua on to another family. Eventually, the dog ended up at a kill shelter which upset Vanderpump beyond belief.

As it always does with the Housewives, gossip ensued and friendships were broken. Sophomore Teddi Mellencamp also turned against her former friend after Lisa Rinna convinced her that Vanderpump set her up to get the gossip wheel rolling. Most of Twitter seems to side with Vanderpump, which has caused outrage against all of the other women on social media. Teddi has been outspoken about the hate she’s received and is speaking up about it on Instagram.

The new post contains a photo of Teddi alongside her two children, Slate and Cruz. The reality star explained it was the first photo she ever shared on the platform back in 2015, and said it was a way to hold herself accountable to her health. She then went on to ask something of the commenters on her page.

“I know I chose to do a TV show and I know there is freedom of speech but I am asking you to be mindful of the fact that we are also real people, that your words hurt and that we aren’t allowed to speak about upcoming episodes to defend ourselves or apologize for mistakes until after they air. So to those of you who are here for positive reasons; I thank you. For those of you who are here to attack, please see yourself the door. I have a clear conscience and the truth always prevails but I am not interested in waking up to threats or hate every day.”

Teddi, along with Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, and Erika Girardi, has received so much hate online that the women needed to speak up and tell the trolls to calm down and have some respect.

The accountability coaches post came after Lisa Vanderpump fans tore her apart for jumping on Lisa Rinna’s bandwagon and not sticking by her friend, who was one of the only women who had her back last season. Vanderpump notoriously defended Teddi against Dorit and Erika in Season 8, but the doggy drama has sent the women in different directions.

Even after Teddi shared her Instagram post urging fans of the show to take it easy, the comment section still filled with hate. Instagram users also began battling one another after taking sides over the puppy situation.

In next week’s episode, text messages from Teddi are set to be revealed regarding the drama around the puppy. The mother-of-two has also claimed on social media to have receipts as well, and will likely bring them to the reunion.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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