‘The Sandlot’ Is The Next Movie To Get The Reboot Treatment With TV Series In The Works, Per ‘Esquire’

One of the most iconic, quotable movies from the ’90s is next in line to get the reboot treatment. As Esquire reported, The Sandlot will be coming back as a television series, with original director David Mickey Evans returning to helm the revival. He revealed that following his pitch to several streaming services and networks, the proposed series was finally picked up.

“He has sold a pitch for a television series sequel to the original movie that will bring all the original cast members back,” Slash Film reported.

Last summer, news of a prequel made the rounds, and fans went wild over the thought of having the beloved movie’s story told in a different light. However, it’s unclear if this newest project is somehow tied into the prequel.

With the original cast returning, fans will get to see grown-up versions of Tom Guiry as Scotty Smalls, Mike Vitar as Benny Rodriguez, Patrick Renna as “Ham” Porter, Chauncey Leopardi as “Squints,” and Marty York as “Yeah-Yeah,” as Esquire shared. Although according to Patrick Renna’s Instagram, this whole thing is news to him.

“I feel like an NBA player who just found out he was traded… on Twitter. News to me,” he said, sharing a screenshot of the Esquire story.

Fans of Renna’s did have some mixed emotions about a reboot. Some opined that while the series sounds interesting, what made the film so funny was the fact that the actors were kids, noting that a reboot would never come close to an original. Others were elated over the thought of having their favorite characters reunited, and a few of Renna’s fans said that the youth of today could use a little Sandlot in their lives.


Renna, who hosts a podcast called “You’re Killin Me,” is still a huge baseball fan — he frequently attends Red Sox games with his family and shares stories of working on the film and his current friendships with his cast mates. Over the summer, Renna and Tom Guiry, who played Scotty Smalls, attended a Mets game together, and fans went wild for seeing the duo together again.

That outing followed a July reunion, where most of the cast came together to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary. The actors gathered at a Dodgers game, wearing jerseys with their characters names on the back, and everyone but Mike Vitar — who played Benny Rodriguez — reunited for the iconic photo. The crew also did some media rounds, stopping by Sports Center for an interview, and gathering at other legendary baseball fields for more reunion fun.

During all the anniversary hype, Renna went viral for snapping a pic with a young man that he and Guiry bumped into, who was rocking a “You’re Killing Me Smalls,” tee shirt with a picture of Renna’s youthful face on the front. Renna and Guiry laughed as the realized that the man had no idea who Renna was, even though he hasn’t changed much in the last 25 years — still sporting his trademark curly hair and freckled face.

With all the hype around the anniversary — and the fact that the characters still hang out on a semi-regular basis — one thing seems certain. If this revival goes forward, it’s sure to be a big hit with the fans.

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