Dina Lohan Plans To Meet Her Social Media ‘Catfish’ Boyfriend Face-To-Face For The First Time

A few weeks ago, we learned that Dina Lohan — mother of celebrity Lindsay Lohan — has been in a five-year relationship with a man she met on social media, despite never having seen him face-to-face. After Dina revealed the news to her Celebrity Big Brother co-stars, many of them had difficulty supporting her relationship with her social media boyfriend and warned Dina that she might be getting catfished. However, Dina stood up for herself and her man. Since then, she has continued to insist that her boyfriend is a wonderful person.

While Dina was still competing on Celebrity Big Brother, she received a supportive offer to help her conduct a face-to-face meeting with her boyfriend, 53-year-old Jesse Nadler. Since the Celebrity Big Brother cast insisted that Dina could possibly be getting catfished, the host of the show Catfish, Nev Schulman, figured he would discover the truth, according to MSN. After all, Schulman is a pro at investigating catfish claims and could discover the truth for Dina while also providing her with an opportunity to personally meet Nadler.

Schulman was astonished that Dina had never personally seen her man in the flesh — he figured the relationship was a perfect match for his show. Schulman offered Dina a chance to appear on his MTV reality show with Nadler. The purpose of Catfish is to first track down and then connect online-only couples so they can meet face-to-face. If a member of the couple is using any fake personas, the show attempts to expose them, according to People.

While both Dina and Nadler wanted a face-to-face meeting, the timing wasn’t right for Nadler, as he had been busy taking care of his mother who is ill with cancer. So, the couple passed up on the idea, even though they would have loved to prove their naysayers wrong. Nadler has insisted that he would never catfish any woman, especially Dina, who has stood by Nadler’s assertions.

However, it appears that Nadler and Lohan are finally planning that long overdue face-to-face meeting. Nadler publicly claims that he and Dina are making plans to personally meet the next time Dina visits Los Angeles. When asked about how the relationship was going, Nadler said that things are going well. They talk on FaceTime daily since Dina was cut from the Celebrity Big Brother, according to TMZ. Surprisingly, Dina admitted she knew nothing about the show when she entered the competition, and yet she lasted 29 days and almost earned a spot as one of the finalists.

Since leaving Celebrity Big Brother, Dina has received several television offers. With both job offers and her man waiting for her in California, it shouldn’t be too long before she returns to Los Angeles to handle her future and also meet Nadler.

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