Is ‘Survivor’ 38 Castaway Aubry Bracco Playing Too Aggressively?

Aubry Bracco is one of the returning castaways that joined the Survivor: Edge of Extinction cast for another chance to win the game of Survivor. Being one of four returning castaways in a tribe of mostly newbies puts her at a huge disadvantage, and Aubry was very aware of this during Episode 2 of Season 38.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

As those who watched this week’s Survivor episode know, Aubry played a very aggressive game this week in an attempt to combat the target on her back as a returning cast member. Unfortunately for the returning castaway, playing such an aggressive game so early on isn’t always in your best interest.

According to the Gold Derby, the returnee isn’t playing the smartest game and it may come back to bite her.

Entertainment Weekly even sat down with Jeff Probst to discuss the masterful editing as they pieced together Bracco having the very same conversation with just about every member of her tribe in private.

During the interview, Probst acknowledged that Aubry and the other three returnees had a very tough road ahead of them if they wanted to survive, as it is all too easy to think “they’ve already played, this is our chance,” and vote them out.

Aubry was seen talking to nearly every member of her tribe during this week’s episode as she attempted to bond with them in a way that might prevent them from wanting to vote her off and wanting to work with her moving forward. The big mistake she made, however, was using the exact same choice of words with every person she spoke to.

What the returnee didn’t think about when she had these conversations was if two of her tribe mates got together and decided to discuss the conversations they had with Aubry. At that point in time, her conversation would fall apart as everyone would see she was just saying whatever she needed to so she could survive.

The Gold Derby editors agree Aubry was playing an “obvious” game and clearly didn’t give any thought to when her tribe members had conversations without her around.

For the most part, viewers of Survivor taking to Twitter agreed that Aubry was playing too aggressive. They also acknowledged the edit of all her conversations with her tribe mates didn’t do her any justice.

New episodes of Survivor air each week on Wednesday nights on CBS.

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