Fan Theories On Emmy Rossum’s ‘Shameless’ Exit Swirl On Social Media

The Season 9 finale of Shameless is fast approaching. While the hit Showtime series surrounding the adventures of the dysfunctional Gallagher family has been renewed for a 10th season already, Emmy Rossum – who plays the role of Fiona – will not be returning.

As those who have been watching Season 9 know, Fiona’s life has spiraled out of control after being pretty successful the last few seasons. The eldest Gallagher’s life fell apart when she got too big for her britches and invested in a real estate project that she wasn’t ready for.

Things got worse when Fiona learned her boyfriend, Ford, wasn’t being honest with her. While it was never really clear if he was cheating on her, he hid the fact that he was married with a child. Ford claimed he was separated from his wife, but Fiona couldn’t be with someone who hid such a huge secret from her.

From there, things only continued to get worse as Fiona seemingly took a page from her father Frank’s playbook and continued to spiral out of control after she found comfort at the bottom of a booze bottle. Many fans started to grow concerned that the writers of Shameless were not going to do Rossum’s character the justice it deserved after nine long seasons as she continued to fall further down.

Fortunately, Fiona may have finally seen the light at the end of last week’s episode when one of the last clips featured Fiona walking into an alcoholics anonymous meeting. As Season 9 is just a few episodes from the end, and Emmy has just a couple episodes left, fans have started to take to Shameless Facebook groups and Twitter to share theories on how the character might exit the series.

One of the more popular fan theories includes Fiona going into rehab to get herself together.

Most fans want Justin Chatwin to return to the series one last time to give Fiona’s character a proper goodbye with Steve/Jimmy.

Others believe Emmy’s character is going to clean up and move away from her family to pursue a new business opportunity.

At this point, Shameless fans desperately hope the character of the eldest Gallagher takes a sharp turn in these last few episodes of Season 9 because no one is a fan of the path Fiona is currently on and most do not believe the writers are doing the character justice.

New episodes of Shameless air on Showtime every Sunday night.

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