‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Colton’s Workout Buddy Has A Major Connection To Underwood’s Supposed Final Pick

The Bachelor spoilers swirling around have already revealed a scoop regarding Colton Underwood’s supposed final pick this season, but fans won’t get to see it officially revealed until March 12. Now, however, it looks as if Colton himself may have had a lapse in judgment caught on camera that seems to confirm something significant about how his journey to find love ends.

Viewers know that Colton has whittled down his group of ladies to just his final three. In Episode 9, which airs on Monday, March 4, he will face overnight fantasy suite dates with Tayshia Adams, Cassie Randolph, and Hannah Godwin.

The Bachelor spoilers previously reported by The Inquisitr have shared that things get quite wild during these dates and pave the way to a rather stunning finale. If gossip king Reality Steve is correct, Colton is currently dating, but not engaged to, Cassie.

Now, Reality Steve shared a buzzworthy tidbit via Twitter. He says that paparazzi photographed Colton in a parking lot with a couple of buddies after working out on Thursday. The site Just Jared shared the photos, and most people were focusing on Underwood hanging out with singer Jake Miller.

What Reality Steve pointed out, however, is that there is a third guy in some of the photos. It’s that third guy who makes this a major Bachelor spoiler because it seems that third guy is actor Gregg Sulkin. As The Inquisitr recently noted, Sulkin is dating Cassie’s sister, Michelle Randolph.

While Reality Steve caught this juicy tidbit and shared it with his followers, it looks like it slipped by everybody else initially. The photos aren’t labeled with Sulkin’s name, nor is it mentioned on the site that he’s the other guy with Underwood. Some of the gossip king’s followers questioned whether the third guy really was Gregg, as it was tough to tell in some of the photos.

Others more familiar with Sulkin, however, replied that it definitely was the British actor. In comparing the paparazzi photos to other shots on Gregg’s Instagram page, it certainly appears that it is the actor hanging out in Los Angeles, post-workout, with Jake and Colton.



As it happens, this isn’t the first time that Underwood has potentially spoiled his own Bachelor season. Before the premiere even aired, he shared a photo on Instagram that many fans quickly noted seemed to show signs of Randolph being with him.

As The Inquisitr noted at the time, Cassie’s phone case and boots appeared to be in a photo of Colton and eagle-eyed fans picked up on it. The buzz died down fairly quickly after the posts, though, and until now, Underwood didn’t seem to make any other significant social media slips.

Colton being photographed after working out with his buddies didn’t immediately catch everybody’s attention. However, it’s pretty difficult to explain Underwood hanging out with Sulkin if his final pick is anybody but Randolph.


Will Colton Underwood catch any grief from the network over this? It’s definitely not the wisest move to be spotted publicly with someone who can link you to a major spoiler. However, it doesn’t look like ABC will make a big deal out of this one.

Luckily, The Bachelor star and his chosen lady won’t have to hide for much longer. The March 12 finale will pave the way for Cassie Randolph and Colton to finally be able to go public with their relationship if indeed she is his pick. Fans are anxious to get the scoop on the couple’s status, although these latest photos of Underwood seem to send a solid signal that he and Randolph are still together and doing well.