Kate Hudson Talks About Life With A Newborn: ‘I Just Pump, That’s All I Do’

Kate Hudson is loving her new daughter, Rani Rose, but she’s not shying away from the fact that having a baby is hard work.

As fans of the actress know, Hudson regularly takes to her Instagram account to share sweet photos of her daughter Rani Rose, her third child — but also her first with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa. The parents recently enjoyed a rare night out last evening at the Women’s Cancer Research Fund’s Unforgettable Evening Benefit Gala, where Hudson happened to be receiving honors.

Before the event, Danny and Kate did an interview with Entertainment Tonight and talked about the trials and tribulations of being parents to a newborn. For starters, the parents were asked if they had plans after the gala. Hudson confessed that the two didn’t know if they would be making it out post-gala.

“I was the one that was like, ‘We might go out after this,’ and he’s like, ‘I’m already tired, babe,'” Hudson dished.

Fujikawa also chimed in, saying that they have a newborn at home, and that taking care of her takes a lot of energy, as most parents can attest to. Danny also cracked a joke, saying that if they did indeed go out, Kate would probably spend most of her time in the car pumping breast milk.

“She’s gonna pump on the way to this bar, apparently.”

“I just pump. That’s all I do. I pump, I come to nights like this every once in a while and then I pump again,” Hudson replied back.

Danny also took that time to sing Kate’s praises as she was being honored at the gala with the Courage Award. The musician praised his girlfriend for never backing down, and for being so courageous. He also said that he is incredibly proud of her, because he has seen her do plenty of things that he could never imagine doing himself.

“And I’m in awe of her for some of the things that she is able to do when she sets her mind to it.”

When Kate is not busy attending swanky Hollywood events, it’s clear that she takes her role as a mom very seriously. As The Inquisitr recently shared, the mother of three delighted her fans by sharing yet another sweet photo of her adorable daughter.

In this snapshot, Rani is all smiles as she rocks a white onesie with a rose pattern all throughout. The four month old smiles for the camera as she lays on a white quilted blanket, and she looks as sweet as can be. It comes as no shock that Hudson’s image has earned her a lot of attention, attracting over 383,000 likes in addition to 2,900-plus comments.

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