Sarah Michelle Gellar Pays Touching Tribute To Selma Blair Amidst MS Battle

It’s been 20 years since Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair met on the set of the cult-classic film Cruel Intentions, and the duo has remained close ever since. Frequently sharing each other’s successes and triumphs on social media, Gellar took to Instagram to gush over her former co-star’s strength during her battle with multiple sclerosis.

Sharing a reposted photo from Blair’s account that shows the two friends huddled close together for a selfie, Gellar revealed that their relationship began with Gellar fighting for Blair to get the role of Cecile in Cruel Intentions, and Gellar had been fighting for her friend since — with no plans to stop.

The Buffy The Vampire Slayer actress also told Blair in her touching post that this was just a bump in the road, and she truly believes that in a year neither woman will remember the hard times they are going through now.

Blair made headlines during her stunning red carpet romp on Sunday, hitting the Oscar’s with a gorgeous gown and a custom-made cane that floored her fans and those tuning in to the highly publicized awards ceremony. Wearing a floor-length, multicolored Ralph & Russo frock, Blair showed that her debilitating disease would not be bringing her down or keeping her at home any longer.

Last October, Blair took to her social media to update her fans on her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. After being referred for an MRI to find out the cause of her nonstop neck pain, the actress learned that she had multiple sclerosis, and her fears over not being hired in Hollywood started flooding her mind. As Vanity Fair shared, Blair worried that her disease would make directors deem her undesirable in her craft. Being a single mother, she also worried about how she was going to care for her son or be able to pay her mortgage.

“I really feel like people with disabilities are invisible to a lot of people. Because they’re uncomfortable, or don’t have the energy to dress up, don’t want to be seen,” Blair told VF.

Her friends have been a huge support system for Blair. Parker Posey, who Blair met on the set of The Sweetest Thing, told Vanity Fair that despite her diagnosis, there’s an airy coolness to the actress and that she has an easy glamour to her, no matter what hardships she may be facing.

Gellar, for her take on Blair’s strength in the Vanity Fair piece, said that her friend has a calmness to her after being diagnosed, and that she still maintains control of herself — now more than ever.

“There’s a calmness to her because I think now she knows she can’t do everything, and it’s O.K., some days, if she can’t.… It’s been wonderful to watch her be more settled, more content, and almost more in control of herself in a weird way,” Gellar revealed.

Blair intends on keeping her regular acting schedule as the support of the community she has built on social media and the comfort and warmness of her friendships, she will keep on going — despite the odds against her. With plans to start a line of easily accessible fashion for those with disabilities, the sky is the limit for Blair.

“There’s no tragedy for me. I’m happy, and if I can help anyone be more comfortable in their skin, it’s more than I’ve ever done before,” she stated.

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