Brad Pitt Is Proud Of Son Maddox’s College Plans But Feels Ex Angelina Jolie Left Him Out

When a parent’s child prepares to start college, the child’s decision usually fills that parent with both pride and a bit of sadness. Of course, a parent can’t help but experience a certain level of delight and satisfaction over their child’s success, but there is also some sorrow attached to that experience. Often times, the child exits the household and that can create an empty gap in the parent’s life.

Unfortunately for Brad Pitt, feeling that empty gap is already a regular part of his life. Pitt has complained often and publicly that he feels he is being left out the life of his oldest son with Angelina Jolie, 17-year-old Maddox Jolie Pitt. The fact that Maddox has been shopping around for a college to attend and is considering moving overseas for his education without considering Pitt’s advice has devastated Pitt.

For the past five months, Angelina Jolie has been spending time with Maddox and looking at a variety of colleges for him, but without any assistance from Pitt. Pitt feels pushed out of the decision his oldest child is about to make, and he isn’t happy about it.

“Brad is so proud of Maddox and would love to be helping him tour colleges, but as of now, there are no plans for that. It’s not by Brad’s choice,” a source close to Pitt stated, according to Hollywood Life.

At the end of 2018, Pitt was upset to learn that Maddox was considering moving out of America to attend college. Since then, Maddox has visited a variety of schools in many countries, including a few in the United States, and several in Seoul, South Korea.

In November of 2018, Maddox took a trip with his 47-year-old actress mother, Angelina, focusing on universities in Seoul. While many speculate Maddox may want to leave the country because of the strain of his parents’ divorce, he has another very good reason for pursuing his higher education in South Korea. Maddox has been learning the Korean language and is considering going abroad into South Korea so he can master that Asian tongue.

However, a lack of clarity still remains about where Maddox is most likely to attend college. Seoul, South Korea has not been the only city he took a trip to so he could visit the various universities. At the end of February, he took a trip to New York, again with Jolie, and visited New York University. During their time at the college, Jolie and Maddox toured the campus alongside other prospective students.

“He’d love to be more involved but Angelina has been very clear that she is handling it. It’s hard on Brad to be pushed out, to see Angelina having fun with the kids while he’s busy working to support everyone,” a source close to Pitt said, according to Hollywood Life.

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