Who Is Bryce Harper’s Wife? Meet Kayla Varner, As They Head To Philadelphia After Historic $330 Million Deal

Bryce Harper just signed a $330 million deal that will take him and his wife, Kayla Harper, formerly Kayla Varner, to Philadelphia, where he’ll be playing for the Phillies for the next 13 years.

As baseball fans around the area, and around the country, get excited for the athlete’s upcoming debut as a Phillies player, some are wondering who exactly Kayla is. While she hasn’t exactly been a hot topic in the headlines, she has been in Bryce’s life for quite a while. In fact, according to her Instagram page, she and Bryce are high school sweethearts who tied the knot in 2016 in San Diego, California.

According to a new report from Yahoo! Sports, Kayla was present during Bryce’s first meeting with the Philadelphia Phillies in mid-January in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the couple is believed to own a home.

Although Bryce and Kayla have not yet spoken out about their upcoming move, they’ve been flooded with support from fans on social media who have flooded their Twitter and Instagram with supportive and welcoming messages.

In one particular post, one Phillies fan attempted to communicate with Kayla by mentioning one of the town’s most popular food choices.

“First Philly cheesesteaks on me if you come to Philly,” the person wrote, according to a February 28 report from the New York Post.

Kayla, a graduate of Ohio State University, was born outside of Las Vegas and is 26-years-old.

In addition to managing their own individual Instagram pages, the Harpers can also be followed on their foodie Instagram page, Harp Eats, where they share all of their exciting food finds around the globe.

According to the bio of Harp Eats, Bryce and Kayla describe themselves as a “a couple trying to show the world that food babies can be more appealing than abs.”

In the couple’s most recent food post, a number of desserts were seen, and in the image’s location, it was revealed that Bryce and Kayla had traveled to Elway’s Downtown in Denver, Colorado. In other photos, Bryce and Kayla were tagged in Atlanta, Georgia, and in Nashville, Tennessee.

While the Harp Eats Instagram page hasn’t been updated in several months, fans should expect to see more from Bryce and Kayla as they get settled into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and acquaint themselves with the fabulous food offerings of the area.

Bryce’s $330 million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies comes just after former Baltimore Orioles player Manny Machado set a record by signing a $300 million, 10-year deal with the San Diego Padres.

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