MLB Rumors: Giants Jump From Long Shot To Favorite In Bryce Harper Sweepstakes – Beating Phillies And Dodgers

If you don’t have your scorecard, you may be completely lost in the entire Bryce Harper sweepstakes, and it is easy to understand why. The Philadelphia Phillies appeared primed and ready to sign the MLB free agent, but things keep on changing and rumors keep swirling. The San Francisco Giants jumped into the mix as extreme longshots, but they have now emerged as the favorite to land Harper, and it’s all because they are willing to spend the necessary cash.

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Dodgers threw their hats back into the ring and have oftentimes been seen as the team who will sign him. Of course, it all changes just hours later when the Phillies are once again seen as the team who will give him the largest contract offer.

But what about the Giants?

San Francisco initially came in with the idea that they were going to sign Bryce Harper to a short-term contract. As time has gone on, that whole method of thinking has been thrown out the window as the All-Star likely wouldn’t go that route when other teams are offering more money.

Now, the IB Times is saying that San Fran’s decision to offer Harper a long-term deal over a shorter contract is what has landed them in the driver’s seat. Not only are they offering up the money and years that Harper wants, but they’re simply the more desirable option overall.

On Tuesday, the Giants had a second meeting with Bryce Harper and agent Scott Boras, which is a very good sign for the struggling ball club. After a collection of World Series wins within the earlier part of the last decade, the Giants have fallen off and not been close to contending for years.

Harper seemed fully prepared to head to Philadelphia, but the more desirable options of San Francisco and Los Angeles have now popped up. Both of those ball clubs would be close to Arizona where Harper trains in the offseason and Las Vegas where he lives.

IB Times is reporting that the Giants are more desirable an option than the Phillies and are bringing forth a better contract offer than the Dodgers. Any and all ideas that they are still going short-term should be tossed now and forever.

The San Francisco Giants are well below the luxury tax threshold of $206 million, and if their past has proven anything, it is that they are willing to be big spenders. It would not be out of the question for them to trim players here and there, free up some cash, and sign the big star they’ve needed for a long time.

Spring training 2019 has already started, and there is about a month to go until opening day. Bryce Harper is obviously in no rush to sign a new deal, and he won’t do it until he’s received the best contract and is happy with where he will be playing. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies aren’t out of it, but rumors state the San Francisco Giants are now leading the race.

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