Colton Underwood Reveals Why He Really Jumped That Fence On ‘The Bachelor’

Colton Underwood says he had a really good reason for jumping that fence while filming The Bachelor—and it has nothing to do with his final three ladies, Cassie, Tayshia, and Hannah G. The clip of The Bachelor star jumping a 6-foot fence in one swoop has been widely publicized by both Underwood and ABC, and now the reality star is opening up about why he really did it.

In case you need a refresher, ABC’s first full-length promo for the rose-filled reality show features the former pro football player crying and saying, “Every time I put myself out there, I get f***ing rejected.”

In the clip, The Bachelor star is later seen fleeing the scene as host Chris Harrison calls out to him. Underwood then jumps a more than 6-foot-high fence as he declares, “I’m f***ing done.”

While Bachelor fans are convinced Colton’s fence jump has everything to do with being rejected by one of his women, on a recent episode of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off The Vine podcast, Colton set the record straight. When Bristowe asked The Bachelor star what he was doing on the other side of the fence, he teased that it was all about food.

“I thought for sure I was going to fall into the snack tent. I thought I was gonna jump that fence and there was gonna be production vans and people and like a tent with food. You know how they have coffee and snacks?”

Instead, Colton Underwood was greeted with darkness as The Bachelor production crew went into a frenzy trying to track him down.

“I loved it—secretly. I was like, freedom! Freedom!” Underwood said.

Of course, Colton Underwood is totally kidding about jumping the fence for food, but Bachelor host Chris Harrison knows the real story, which will finally play out on Monday’s episode. In an interview posted by Us Weekly, Harrison hinted that he was the person behind Colton’s on-camera fence-hopping freakout. Harrison said there’s “a lot” to be said about the fence-jumping scene, and that he was walking just 10 yards behind The Bachelor star when it happened.

“I may or may not have been the reason that he hopped the fence,” Harrison said. “To the actual athletic accomplishment of the fence jump … you have to understand, the fence was about 6-foot-5, 6-foot-6. He did not touch the fence or touch the top of the fence after his feet left the ground.”

Harrison also confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that Colton came very close to quitting The Bachelor during the final weeks of taping. The longtime Bachelor host noted that the leads on the long-running reality show threaten to throw in the towel more often than viewers think.

“[Colton] happens to be the most athletic SOB we’ve ever had, so he was able to express it like an Olympian [by jumping over a fence and quitting], but they all get there,” Harrison explained.

In just a few days, Colton Underwood’s long-teased fence jump will play out on The Bachelor. Grab some popcorn because it sounds like it’s going to be good.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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