‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Escapes After Confronting Ryan, Curtis Realizes Something Is Up

General Hospital was preempted by Michael Cohen’s testimony on Wednesday, pushing the soap back by a day. However, you won’t miss any of the action from yesterday’s show, and it sounds like it will leave you on the edge of your seat. ABC will be airing Wednesday’s episode on Thursday, February, 28.

Franco is locked up at Ferncliff trapped with him not knowing that Jordan is laid up with severe injuries after being hit by Drew’s car. Now he has to fend for himself. It’s obvious after Franco’s interview with Lulu that Ryan is headed to Ferncliff to talk to Franco about his confession. Ryan is furious that Franco took the credit for his work and is now ready to confront him. According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Franco will be shocked when he realizes that the person standing in front of him is the real killer, and he is not Kevin Collins.

Ryan is not about to let Franco take credit for his work and that’s when Franco realizes that the infamous serial killer has come back to life. Unfortunately, Ryan brought a knife with him intending to do away with Franco. He will stab him, but spoilers tease that Franco will fight back and end up escaping Ferncliff. Thankfully, he will lock Ryan in the room, but it will be temporary.

Franco is wounded, but he has lots to live for. He has a wife and family to make it home to and they will be his force to survive. He thought to grab the phone that Jordan left with him in order to get hold of her if needed. However, Jordan still has not woken up from the accident, so Franco is on his own. Or is he?

More General Hospital spoilers have suggested that Curtis may just be Franco’s lifesaver. Soap Central reveals that Curtis will hear a voicemail message, most likely from Jordan’s cell phone. Franco is expected to leave a message for Jordan saying that he knows who the killer is and that he was attacked. It looks like Curtis will realize that this was all a setup between Jordan and Franco.

Who will save Franco? Curtis may just head to Ferncliff to talk to Franco, but he also needs to think of Jordan first and foremost. Spoilers also say that Liz scrambles later in the week. Could she be the one who finds her husband with his stab wound?

Ryan is about to be revealed to the world that he has been impersonating his twin brother for months now. He has let his obsession with Ava get the best of him and has made some mistakes that he can’t take back. Keep watching the exciting downfall of Ryan Chamberlain on General Hospital in the coming days.

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