‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Will Be Coming Soon

The Masked Singer wrapped up its Season 1 run on Wednesday, and fans are already on the edge of their seats waiting for the show to return for Season 2.

According to Screen Rant, The Masked Singer will be back after being officially renewed for Season 2 back in January. The singing series is different than its counterparts, as it features well-known celebrities from all fields of entertainment, hides their identities, and puts them on stage to sing.

Fans and judges are charged with the task to figure out the stars’ identities using clues given to them by the performers themselves. Each week, one singer gets unmasked, revealing their identity for the very first time and talking about what made them want to do the fun and family-friendly singing competition.

While no official air date has been revealed for Season 2, fans were pumped to find out that the series would be coming back after being one of TV’s most talked about new shows.

Speculation is flying that fans won’t have to wait until 2020 to watch another season, but that Fox could incorporate Season 2 into its summer schedule, which would likely work very well with the lack of shows that run in the summer months.

The Masked Singer could easily become a series that airs two seasons a year, like Dancing With the Stars. The outlet even reveals that the next season could come as early as May.

As for the new batch of celebrities that will be hiding behind a brand new set of costumes, that will remain a huge secret. It’s likely security will be beefed up the second time around, and that even more measures will be taken to keep all of the performers’ faces and clues a secret until the last possible moment.

Perhaps since Season 1 of the show did so well and was so loved by viewers, the series will be able to land even more stars who are interested in appearing in a costume on stage, or bigger names yet.

On Wednesday night, Fox crowed the first ever winner of the show, revealing that finalists to be Gladys Knight and Donny Osmond, with rapper T-Pain winning it all following his compelling story of wanting a comeback after feeling like he’d been exiled from the music business for using auto-tune elements in his songs.

The Masked Singer will return for Season 2 sometime in the near future on Fox.

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