Jamie Foxx Claims He’s Single And Is Caught Getting Cozy With A Former ‘Gossip Girl’ Star

Since 2013, Hollywood has watched the secretive romance between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx blossom. While most people estimate that the couple has been seeing each other for about six years, they waited a long time to make that announcement official. Last year, the two publicly announced their romance. At the time, many onlookers thought the couple looked so happy together, they might be secretly engaged.

However, Foxx made a claim during a Children’s Hospital Oscars gala over the weekend that totally conflicts with the image of his happy relationship. When Foxx got on stage to perform two songs, “Gold Digger” and “Blame It,” he announced to fans that he is now single. If what Foxx said is the case, then it appears the couple has quietly split for unexpected and unknown reasons.

“Jamie was on stage performing when a group of women got up from their tables and joined him on stage,” an eyewitness said, according to Celebrity Insider. “It was nonchalant.”

Since Foxx’s statement over the weekend, he has been spotted out and about often, and being actively flirtatious with several different women. Foxx appears to be acting far more single than what he has since starting his relationship with Holmes, so his actions would seem to confirm his announcement. Also, the fact that Holmes did not attend the Oscars with Foxx seems to point to a possible break-up for the couple.

Holmes and Foxx were supposed to get together with Tom Cruise back in December to iron out their relationship, sources close to the couple claimed, according to Celebrity Insider. The goal was to smooth things over so that the couple could get engaged. However, the plan must have failed, since it appears the relationship between Foxx and Holmes ended.

Over the weekend, Foxx was seen flirting with two different female co-stars of his from his upcoming film, All-Star Weekend. First, Foxx was seen with Natasha Blasick, actively flirting with the actress in public. Also, at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Oscar Party, Foxx was spotted cuddling with Jessica Szohr, and that the two seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. However, since Foxx is working with both women on set, many have wondered if he is simply friends with both women, or actively pursuing one or both of them.

The last public sighting of Holmes and Foxx occurred back in December when the two rented a yacht in Miami and seemed very affectionate while enjoying each other’s company. The pair has always been quiet about their relationship, and neither one has commented about a separation since Foxx’s announcement.


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