Dena Grayson Goes Viral, Woman Sitting Behind Michael Cohen Captures Twitter With Animated Facial Expressions

As Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer and so-called “fixer,” testified to a congressional committee on Wednesday, in a nationally televised hearing that lasted for about seven hours, Twitter users found themselves fascinated by a blonde woman seated directly behind Cohen and visible on camera through large segments of the proceedings, taking note of her animated facial expressions which, in the words of one Twitter user, were “super perfect to what we’re all thinking.”

But who was the mysterious blonde woman whose expressive face seemed to offer a non-verbal commentary on Cohen’s testimony to the House Oversight Committee, as he described Donald Trump as a racist, as CNN reported, and a “con man,” among many other accusations?

Her name, as she herself acknowledged on Twitter, is Dena Grayson. She is a 48-year-old physician, activist, and former congressional candidate who is married to Alan Grayson, himself a former United States member of Congress. Dena Grayson, formerly Dena Minning, and Alan Grayson were married in May of 2016, as the former House rep posted on Twitter.

Dena Grayson is also a popular Twitter personality herself, best known for her posts criticizing and ridiculing Trump, allowing her to amass 130,000 followers on the social media platform. She live-tweeted the Cohen hearing, from her seat just a few yards behind the witness table where Cohen sat.

But it was her facial expressions, reacting in real time to Cohen’s many bombshell allegations, that captured the imagination of the Twitterverse, as seen in the below video posted to the platform.

After the hearing, Grayson greeted House Oversight Committee Chair Elijah Cummings.

She also posted her own reaction when Cohen, in response to a question from New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, said that Trump had manipulated the value of his assets for tax and insurance purposes.

Cohen also dropped several other bombshells in Wednesday’s testimony, as The Washington Post enumerated. He revealed that federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York are currently investigating other illegal acts and wrongdoing by Trump that may not have previously been revealed to the public.

He also stated, in response to questioning by Ocasio-Cortez, that three other members of the Trump Organization — Allen Weisselberg, Ron Lieberman, and Matthew Calamari — were aware that Trump inflated the value of his assets “to an insurance company.” Those three Trump associates “would seem likely candidates for subpoenas,” The Post reported, as the congressional investigation into Trump’s financial activities continues.

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