‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals The Identities Of The Final 3

The Masked Singer‘s final three contestants have been revealed. After two months of fans watching the performers strut their stuff on stage wearing elaborate costumes, every single singer has finally been unmasked.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the final three contestants were the bee, the peacock, and the monster. Each of them performed one last song before hearing the order they were ranked and taking off their masks.

The bee came in third place and removed her black and gold mask to reveal herself to be none other than iconic singer, Gladys Knight. The bee told the judges and fans that she loved being on stage and singing some modern songs, but that she had a hard time with not connecting to the audience, because of her costume.

The judges gave her a standing ovation, with Nicole Scherzinger breaking into tears as Gladys Knight sang on stage for the final time, this time as herself and not her animal character.

The peacock came in as The Masked Singer‘s runner-up. Peacock had the judges singing along and loving his over the top antics all season. Fans voted him into the finale for his great costume, strong vocals, and how much fun he seemed to be having while on stage.

After being announced to be the second place vote earner, peacock lifted his mask to reveal that he was former teen idol Donny Osmond. Donny claimed that doing the show was one of the most fun things he’s ever done in his life, and loved that Jenny McCarthy, whom he’s known for years, guessed his identity correctly.

Donny Osmond sang for the final time as the audience and the judges danced around. His on-stage presence was just as big and booming as it had been all season, and fans loved watching his facial expressions this time around as he belted out his final song.

Meanwhile, the monster was officially named the winner of The Masked Singer Season 1. The monster had captured the hearts of the fans and judges all season with the story of how he felt exiled and overlooked. He made judges get emotional time after time, and always kept his performances fresh with a new genre each week.

When the monster was finally revealed, the judges were stunned to see rapper T-Pain underneath the mask. None of the judges had guessed the rapper’s name at any point in the competition, and they were all shocked to see him singing powerful songs such as “Stay With Me.”

T-Pain happily accepted the trophy and even wiped away tears as he sang his final song on stage to close out the first season of the show.

The Masked Singer fans can expect to see the show return to Fox for Season 2 in the future.

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