Chloe Moretz To Star In ‘If I Stay’ Movie Adaptation

Chloe Moretz is building herself quite a resume. The just-turned 16-year-old will be making a starring turn in this October’s Carrie remake and will reprising her role as Hit-Girl in Kick Ass 2.

Now a new report says that she has landed yet another starring role in the movie adaptation of the popular book If I Stay. is reporting that Moretz will play Mia in the new picture.

Mia’s character is a young girl who is attempting to decide whether she will stay in Oregon with her family and boyfriend or move to New York City. In New York, she would be pursuing her cello playing career.

Before Mia can make that decision, her family is involved in a car accident and Mia is put into a coma. Perez Hilton reports this is where the story takes a bit of a Ghost-type feel.

Mia is able to astrally project her spirit where she then presumably is able to haunt her family and boyfriend and other ghostly things. This is not supposed to be anything close to a horror movie but rather a drama, so don’t expect thrills and chills.

Chloe Moretz has added this movie title to a ridiculous long list of acting jobs for such a young woman. In addition to Kick Ass 2, Carrie, and this flick, Moretz is reportedly tied to at least seven other projects that are in production.

Moretz has also got dozens of movies and television appearances under her belt. Moretz hasn’t allowed herself to be type cast as one kind of actress or another.

The young star has played the lead roles in action movies and has certainly dabbled in the horror genre with a memorable performance in the American adaptation of Let Me In.

Will Chloe Moretz be able to pull of this apparently sort of angsty girl in love in If I Stay?

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