Strange Things About Alicia Keys’ Marriage

Alicia Keys met her husband, Swizz Beatz, back when they were both teenagers. Since they started dating in 2008, the couple has faced numerous challenges and been plagued by scandalous rumors. However, despite those struggles, the pair is now known as one of the longest-lasting couples in the music industry. While many people are familiar with some of the struggles faced by the two Grammy-Award-winning artists, the way the pair addressed their challenges and stuck together has made their marriage very strong.

Keys and Beatz rose to music fame at the same time, and met through one of Beatz’s high school friends who also knew Keys’ management. However, according to Keys, the pair didn’t initially get along. Keys felt that Beatz was too into materialism, and even admits she found his antics annoying. In fact, she tried to avoid collaborating with him for as long as she could. When she did finally work with Beatz, Keys admits she had the time of her life.

“He’s really, really intelligent and knows so many interesting things,” Keys said, according to Celeb News Network. “I think he’s really showed me how to, like, live life in a beautiful way. [The courtship] does still burn. And it’s beautiful.”

One of the accusations the couple faced was focused on Beatz and Keys’ timing as a couple. Some claimed that Beatz was still married to his ex-wife, Mashonda, when he started dating Keys. Mashonda and Beatz had separated earlier in 2008. Beatz denied that any cheating took place during his marriage to Mashonda many times.

Of course, the triangle created a problem for the new lovers, and a lot of publicity surrounded Mashonda, Keys, and Beatz early on in the relationship. However, throughout the years, Beatz, his current wife Keys, and his ex-wife Mashonda have worked hard to develop a relationship that works for them and for the sake of the children Beatz has fathered. The trio worked hard to overcome their difficulties and, over time, were able to become friends.

Accomplishing a friendship, however, was no easy task, as Mashonda has shared publicly on a few occasions. By putting the children first and focusing on what was really important, Keys, Beatz, and Mashonda have formed a unique family set that has helped to also make the marriage of Keys and Beatz a successful one.

“[People] see us here now, loving each other, co-existing, and getting along, but there’s a whole middle that they didn’t see,” Mashonda said, according to Celeb News Network. “And that’s where we all put the work in.”

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