‘General Hospital’ Schedule Shift: Episode Slated To Air On Wednesday, February 27 Bumped For Cohen Testimony

Viewers in many areas across the country are tuning in to ABC on Wednesday afternoon, ready to see some crazy action play out on General Hospital for the characters throughout Port Charles. Unfortunately, due to the network’s continuing coverage of Michael Cohen’s testimony in front of Congress, the show slated to air on February 27 is being bumped out — and will air on Thursday, instead.

General Hospital fans will surely be frustrated by the decision on ABC’s part. The network didn’t share this decision very far ahead of when the episode was originally scheduled to air in many regions of the country, and a lot of viewers will likely be confused when they check their DVRs later and don’t find a new episode.

In fact, this is the second time this week that viewers are running into issues. Numerous General Hospital fans were left without a new episode to watch on Monday when an old episode description threw off the recording plans for many devices.

In this case, the news of the schedule shift was shared via the General Hospital Twitter page. They noted that the February 27 episode would be pushed out due to breaking news coverage, and they confirmed that encore shows would air in areas of the country not impacted by the news coverage airing when GH usually would.

This can be a difficult call for networks to make, and some might voice some frustration that this seemed to have been done at the last minute. Michael Cohen’s testimony had been scheduled for a while now, and it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to networks that it did not wrap up within a couple of hours on Wednesday morning.

Luckily, nobody will miss any of the chaos set to play out during this next show. This is an especially crazy week of action, and fans are anxious to see how Ryan’s scheme is finally exposed.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, the next new episode will show an intense confrontation between “Kevin” and Franco — along with Ava defending her engagement as Scott questions her decision. Cameron will vent about things to Josslyn and Oscar, while Elizabeth and Drew lean on one another as they try to figure out why Franco pleaded guilty.

Pushing episodes out is always a frustrating situation for viewers, and this week is going to be especially tough. General Hospital spoilers tease that the final five minutes of the episode initially slated to air on Friday are going to be particularly wild. Now, everybody will have to wait until Monday to see what that tease is referencing.

The end of Ryan’s reign of terror is coming soon, and fans cannot wait to see how all of the puzzle pieces fit together. General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’s going to be a very wild ride in the days ahead, and while it’ll be tough, it looks like viewers will have to hang tight and wait one more day before they get to see what comes next.

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