‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Speaks On Son Matt Brown’s Second Stint In Rehab – How Alcohol Abuse Started

In less than a week, Season 9 of Alaskan Bush People will begin on Discovery Channel, and fans can’t wait to see what comes next for the Brown family. While fans want to watch their excursions and life in the wilderness, the family is having to deal with other personal issues that have made things very hard. Now, the Brown family is speaking out on son Matt’s second stint in rehab for alcohol abuse.

Back in September of last year, the 36-year-old Matt Brown entered rehab for the second time due to alcohol abuse. His first time was in the spring of 2016 and everyone thought he was on a better path after that, but things slipped on him again.

In 2016, Matt had revealed that he started simply “spiraling” out of control as he spent more time with friends “in town” who were drinking. A lot of tough things had come up in his life, and the alcohol was just an easy escape which got out of hand.

Now, he’s completed his second stint in rehab, which was six months long, and the oldest son of the Brown family is ready to have his life better. His months in rehab this time around have been changed up between inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Alaskan Bush People has helped elevate the family into super-stardom as their fanbase has done nothing but continue to grow. Being in the spotlight, though, has likely only made things more difficult for him, but the Brown family is standing behind Matt and supports him through it all.

As reported by MSN, Matt’s dad Billy said that he knows his son is a fighter and that he doesn’t have to go through this alone.

“It was his decision to drop everything and go fix what he hadn’t fixed. He’s fighting a hard road. He has for a long time. We just try to let him know that family’s here no matter what.”

Many of the fans of Alaskan Bush People know that the Brown family has gone through a lot with mother Ami’s serious battle with lung cancer. People reported early last year that she was finally cancer-free after being given a 3 percent chance of survival.

Right now, Matt is living in California and trying to get his life back on track. At the same time, the rest of the Brown family is in Washington state and attempting to rebuild their lives, but they most certainly do miss him.

“We miss him a lot, but I don’t even want him to come back until he finishes this. We just hope he finds that happiness inside him again.”

The Brown family has had to deal with so much more than the wilderness and life on television, but they’re happy to know that Matt is getting the help he needs in rehab. Fans of Alaskan Bush People can see them in Season 9 when it begins on Sunday, March 3, on the Discovery Channel.

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