John Legend Calls Donald Trump ‘A Complete Moron & A**hole’ On ‘The Daily Show’

John Legend wasn’t mincing words when talking to his friend Trevor Noah on The Daily Show about his night out with President Barack Obama and basketball great Steph Curry. Legend says that the current president falls way short of the standards set by Obama in terms of class, composure, and grace.

Hollywood Life says that when Noah asked Legend what it’s like to hear Donald Trump speak after spending time with Obama, he shared his opinion.

“[Trump is a] complete moron and a**hole.”

Legend continued by saying that after enjoying Obama’s company, the juxtaposition of the two presidents isn’t lost on him.

The audience laughed when Legend talked about the differences between Obama and Trump, but he assured them that he was serious.

“I’m not trying to be funny. We have a complete moron and a**hole in the White House right now. He’s not a good human being.”

The newest coach on The Voice says that spending the day with Obama and Curry was the coolest Presidents Day of his life. He said that he even got to dine at International Smoke in San Francisco, which is partly owned by Curry’s wife Ayesha, and that dinner was delicious.

Legend also talked about being the new guy on The Voice and how everyone is a bit scared of him, so he’s run into blocking trouble, which has stopped him from getting a few choice artists on his team. Even so, he says he’s enjoying his time on the show and having a good time.

But even Legend’s social media banter about Donald Trump gets funny sometimes. The Inquisitr says that even though Legend is serious in his criticism of Trump, there still have been amusing times.

In 2017, John Legend’s Twitter account was hacked, and it seemed to fans that the singer had lost control, threatening the president and calling him names. Whoever hacked Legend’s account made violent threats and called the president a Cheeto.

Legend said while his hacker was funny, he would never threaten to harm anyone on social media.

“My hacker is vulgar but kinda hilarious. I’ll try to be funnier from now on so he won’t feel the need to ghost write for me.”

The EGOT winning singer and actor said that no matter how much he wishes Trump would go away, he would never threaten him with bodily harm, and he would never call him a Cheeto.

“I wouldn’t call him a Cheeto because I enjoy Cheetos.”

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