Zachary Quinto And Miles McMillan Break Up After Almost 6 Years Together

For a few weeks now, several people have been wondering about the status of Zachary Quinto And Miles McMillan. On Sunday, the two attended different Oscar parties and were rarely seen together that evening. The 41-year-old Quinto went to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party while the 29-year-old Quinto attended Elton John’s event.

“They amicably split earlier this year,” a friend of the couple’s said, according to People

Quinto and McMillan have been a pair for nearly six years and were first seen dating early on in 2013. They publicly announced their relationship in August of 2013. The couple appeared happy, and as their romance grew, they eventually took the next step in 2015 and moved in together. The pair started living in a New York City apartment. In fact, the couple’s large, attractive apartment was featured in Architectural Digest back in May 2018.

The duo still seemed to be going strong in October 2016, when Quinto was photographed out and about with a new ring on his finger. The ring caused many to wonder if Quinto and McMillan were engaged.

“It’s a vintage ring that I bought as a gift for Miles and because we were not together on this long press tour I was like, ‘I am going to take that ring because I love it,'” Quinto said, according to E News. “But the only finger it fit on was my ring finger on my left hand so I didn’t think much of it.”

At some point during the relationship, the pair discussed getting married. They seriously considered a wedding once the Supreme Court made gay marriage constitutional, back in 2015.

“We love each other and we talk about it, but we have no immediate plans,” Quinto said, according to E News.

However, besides their obvious separation during the Oscar parties on Sunday, there have been other signs of the couple’s distance. Take, for example, their social media posts. Neither Quinto nor McMillan has posted photos of each other for several months. Their social media accounts stopped showing loving pictures of the pair together and started featuring individual photos as if both were already living single lives before the public became aware.

In fact, the last photo McMillan shared featuring both himself and Quinto was at the 2018 Tony Awards in June 2018, which was also the month the couple celebrated their 5-year anniversary. McMillan also posted on Quinto’s social media a second time in June to wish McMillan a happy birthday.

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