WWE News: Vince McMahon Removes Kofi Kingston From ‘Fastlane’ Main Event And Gives Spot To Returning Superstar

After his impressive performance at the SmackDown Live go-home show and at Elimination Chamber, Kofi Kingston was rewarded with a WWE Championship Match. Fans were thrilled to see him get the push he deserves and a shot at Daniel Bryan in the main event of Fastlane. Unfortunately, Vince McMahon didn’t like that whole idea and on tonight’s episode of SmackDown, he took Kofi out of the match and replaced him with a returning superstar.

The idea that one member of The New Day was getting a shot at the WWE Championship is something that was quite incredible. It was a new superstar in the main event scene and Kofi’s feud with Daniel Bryan would have been new and unique as well.

On Tuesday night, there was to be a contract signing between the two superstars, but it didn’t end up going as planned. Daniel Bryan, accompanied by Rowan, made his way to the ring. The New Day headed to the ring next and all was going as expected until Vince McMahon showed up without warning.

As recapped by the official website of WWE, McMahon didn’t think that the Kofi vs. Bryan match is what the fans wanted to see. That assumption was met with an incredible amount of heat and things were made even worse when Vince revealed Kofi’s replacement was none other than a returning Kevin Owens.

Owens has been out for months due to injury and he was expected back “soon,” but no-one had any idea it would be tonight. Everyone was also surprised that he was being thrown right into a main event feud with Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship.

Fans were certainly happy to see Kevin Owens back on SmackDown Live, but they were not happy about Kofi having his chance stripped from him. As a matter of fact, Kofi and the rest of The New Day were incredibly angry over the change made to the match at Fastlane.

After the contract was signed, Kevin Owens let the McMahons know that he wanted to partner with Kofi Kingston for a tag match against Bryan and Rowan. That match was granted and it ended up being the main event of tonight’s SmackDown Live, and it most certainly delivered.

Owens and Kingston picked up the big victory, but there are some bad feelings between the two superstars.

Fans were certainly into the match and happy to see Owens back, but it still didn’t make up for Kofi Kingston having his title shot taken away from him. WWE Fastlane is still a week-and-a-half away which means anything is possible, and the main event could still be changed again. It wouldn’t be surprising for things to lead to a Triple Threat with Kofi vs. Kevin Owens vs. Daniel Bryan which the fans would love to see.

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