Erica Mena Insinuates Joe Budden Cheated On Cyn Santana

There was a lot of drama on the most recent episode of Love and Hip Hop, with two of the show’s co-stars nearly coming to blows. While the near altercation sounds like the result of a miscommunication, the emotions that flared led to a lot of insults and name-calling.

On the latest Love and Hip Hop episodes, the group of friends depicted on the show were getting ready for a trip to Costa Rica. Joe Budden asked Safaree Samuels prior to the trip if he was bringing his girlfriend, Erica Mena. Safaree initially responded in the negative, according to Atlanta Black Star.

Back when the episode was being filmed, many people knew Safaree was dating Erica Mena. Mena had previously dated Cyn Santana, Joe Budden’s girlfriend, on and off again for many years. Because of their checkered dating history, Erica and Cyn still have issues with each other.

While Joe expected Safaree would give him some notice if Erica was going to be present, Erica showed up on the trip when Joe assumed she would not be present. Joe knew Erica had come to Costa Rica because he could see her posting pictures of herself at the resort on her social media pages. Joe became extremely angry with Safaree and felt that his friend had lied to him, according to Madame Noire.

Safaree, however, did not understand why Joe was so upset. He admitted that he initially had not planned on bringing Erica, and even though he did, he was under no obligation to share his personal plans with Joe. During the conversation, the two men became visibly upset with each other, and nearly came to blows.

After the argument, Erica viewed the altercation between Joe and Safaree on television and felt the need to add her views about what happened on social media. Erica gave the public her take on Twitter by responding to a fan who asked her for some clarification about why Joe was so upset that she was present on the trip.

“I don’t get it especially since no one really cared. Let alone asked about Cyn whereabouts when he brought another female to my mans crib. Who cares,” Mena wrote on Twitter, according to Celeb News Network.

Erica’s comment about bringing another woman to Safaree’s seems to insinuate that Joe has been cheating on Cyn. While Joe has been on Twitter since Erica posted that accusation, he has not responded to her. Safaree has also been silent on social media regarding the incident.

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