Melissa McCarthy Sneaked ‘Snacks & Adult Beverages’ Into The Oscars…Again

The annual Academy Awards ceremony is there to distinguish the very best in the entertainment industry from the rest of us. Celebrities arrive at the event in fancy vehicles, wearing expensive gowns and glittering jewelry, and pose for a flash of cameras eager to capture their every move.

Enter actress Melissa McCarthy, who is there to remind us that behind the glitz and glamour, celebrities are just like the rest of us.

McCarthy arrived to the event wearing a stunning black and white pantsuit with waterfall sleeves and her dark hair styled in an elegant updo. Even though she looked elegant and sophisticated, the Bridesmaids actress also decided to be practical with her, um, “accessorizing.”

Just like with the Golden Globes earlier this year, McCarthy decided that she was definitely going to need food during the event. With this in mind, the actress told Variety that she had decided to sneak some snacks and “adult beverages” into the venue to enjoy during the ceremony.

McCarthy famously sneaked a bag full of sandwiches into the Golden Globes, which she shared around with other members of the audience.

After being asked if she had any sandwiches on her this time around by a Variety reporter at the Oscars, she cheekily responded, “I’ll never tell,” before admitting that she had brought “some little snacks” and a “thermos with adult beverages” and saying she would “never admit it publicly” while winking at the camera.

Of course, it’s understandable that snacking would be a requirement during such an event as the Oscars. It’s not exactly a short evening, and can often become quite tedious and boring, particularly for people who have been attending such events for years.

With all the primping and hair and makeup appointments most attendees undergo right before arriving, there isn’t much time for a dinner to be squeezed into the schedule either.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, McCarthy smuggled “between 30 and 40 ham and cheese sandwiches” into the Golden Globes in early January. After realizing they were such a hit, she joked that she would be bringing hot dogs to the 2020 installment of the event.

McCarthy’s husband, Ben Falcone, shared a photo to his Instagram account of the bizarre contraband they had taken in, and wrote that just two sandwiches were left by the time they made their way home at the end of the evening. Sounds like there were some rumbling tummies in the audience!

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