Rob Kardashian Is Worried About Dream’s Safety While In Blac Chyna’s Care

Blac Chyna’s recent fight with her now ex-boyfriend Kid Buu resulted in a lot of unwanted media attention for the starlet. Blac Chyna reportedly left her 2-year-old daughter, Dream, whom she shares with ex Rob Kardashian, behind prior to getting into the explosive engagement with Kid Buu in Hawaii. Blac Chyna’s actions have caused Dream’s father, Rob Kardashian, to worry about Dream’s safety while Dream is in her mother’s care. Because of Blac Chyna’s actions during the altercation, Rob Kardashian is now considering seeking more custody over Dream, according to Celeb News Network.

When Blac Chyna left Los Angeles for Hawaii to pursue the altercation with Kid Buu, she was supposed to be home. Rob was due to bring Dream over to Chyna’s for a visit. Rob made numerous attempts to contact Chyna and could not get a hold of her. Chyna’s actions infuriated not only Rob, but the entire Kardashian clan as well, according to The Daily Mail.

Chyna stated in response to Rob’s claims that she had arranged for Dream to be taken care of by nannies when she left. Rob, however, claims that he was unable to get a hold of either Chyna or any nanny when he was attempting to drop Dream off to visit her mother.

The former couple’s custody agreement says that if one parent will be traveling, the other parent is allowed to keep Dream for a longer period of time, according to The Daily Mail. Since Rob did not know that Chyna would be traveling and he did attempt to get in contact with her, he decided to keep Dream with him for longer.

“Rob loves Dream more than anything in the world and he hates it when he doesn’t have her with him,” a source close to Rob said, according to The Hollywood Life. “But as hard as it is for him to be apart from Dream he’s been doing his absolute best to co-parent peacefully with Chyna. But there are major red flags with Chyna that concern Rob. He is extremely protective of Dream so he’s watching very closely right now.”

When Rob and Chyna first split up, the couple agreed to split custody of Dream right down the middle. However, since Rob accepted that arrangement, he has felt that Chyna’s behavior, including her dramatic relationships and frequent absences, has made him reconsider.

“He worries that Chyna is an absent mom sometimes and he would love to be with his daughter all the time,” another source close to Rob said, according to The Hollywood Life. “Rob is convinced he can be a better full-time daddy to Dream and so he is trying to figure out how to do just that.”