Donald Trump Jr. Slammed For Comparing Christine Blasey Ford & Jussie Smollett In Fake Oscars Category

On Sunday night, great accomplishments in the entertainment industry were celebrated in a glittering awards ceremony at the Oscars, with history being made for some of the winners. But while many lauded the prestigious event — even if not necessarily agreeing with the winners — others were infuriated by the first son, Donald Trump Jr., for trying to make a political statement.

Trump Jr. tweeted during the event, according to The New York Post, creating a category for the Academy Awards: The Best Performance In A Politically Motivated Hate Crime Hoax.

He had taken it upon himself to nominate Native American Vietnam War veteran Nathan Phillips who was involved in the incident with the Covington Catholic High School students, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who testified last year that then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her as a teenager, and actor Jussie Smollett who is accused of staging an attack on himself.

Twitter was furious with Trump Jr. for the message, pointing out that Blasey Ford testifying to a sexual attack and facing that attacker is not the same as Smollett trying to incite hatred by claiming he was attacked because of his race and sexuality when he had orchestrated that attack.

“Putting Dr. Ford in the same category as the other two shows a complete lack of judgement,” one man wrote, with another adding, “Disgraceful tweet right here. It is telling of the Trump family that they punch down whenever possible and see in victims of crime/unlucky circumstance only an opportunity to put the boot in.”

Another user said she “can’t wait until [Trump Jr.] gets arrested.”

Some decided instead to nominate others for the category, most of whom seemed to agree that Trump Jr.’s father, President Donald Trump, was a much more viable nominee in the fake category than anyone mentioned in the original tweet. Many of them added photos or memes to their responses to make their feelings crystal clear.

One person nominated “Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ entire career,” while another thought Trump Jr. himself should be nominated in a different fake category for “Best performance of ‘the meeting was about adoptions,'” referring to Trump Jr.’s explanation about a meeting that took place with Russians during his father’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Another nominee came in the form of Kavanaugh, who, despite Blasey Ford’s relatively calm testimony through her obvious nerves and the horror she was reliving, testified his own side of the story by screaming and crying, and explaining how much he loved beer.

Of course, there were others who thought Trump Jr.’s tweet had merit, with some calling for a tie between all three, or somehow still giving the nod to Blasey Ford, the only one of the three whose story has not been proving to be a fabricated lie.

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