Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Ryan Shows His Fury After Franco’s Interview

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital had some chilling moments in it, and spoilers tease that things will be icy during Wednesday’s show as well. Franco did an interview with Lulu that prompted strong reactions from everybody in Port Charles who watched it, and it didn’t take long for Ryan to ditch Ava and head to Ferncliff. Now, it looks as if Franco may get more than he bargained for in agreeing to Jordan’s plan.

Jordan concocted this plan involving Franco to lure the real person responsible out of the woodwork. She rightfully believed that the person who actually did orchestrate these heinous crimes would never be able to tolerate someone else taking responsibility for them.

What neither Franco nor Jordan suspected, however, is that it would be “Kevin” who they’d leave feeling furious. In addition to that, the only person who knows the truth about Franco not really being guilty is Jordan, and she’s in no position to help him right now.

It doesn’t seem as if Franco has been made aware yet of what happened to Jordan. Not only that, but certainly neither of them anticipated that the person they would lure out of the woodwork would have easy access to Franco as a patient at Ferncliff.

Of course, Laura and Kevin will be able to help free Franco eventually because they know who really committed these crimes. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Franco is going to be facing some potentially life-threatening moments with Ryan on his own before help can arrive.

During Tuesday’s episode, Ryan couldn’t even watch Franco’s full interview with Lulu before he needed to do something about it. General Hospital spoilers share that he will confront Franco during Wednesday’s episode, and it’ll be interesting to see if he tips his hand.

General Hospital spoilers share that Ryan will yell at Franco that he needs to tell the truth. Franco was eerily creepy when doing the interview and claiming responsibility, and it got to Ryan just as Jordan predicted it would.

As She Knows Soaps notes, Ryan will be furious as he confronts Franco, and fans will be anxious to see if this reaction raises any alarms for Franco. Ryan already told Franco he’d made a big mistake, and seeing “Kevin” losing his cool over how Franco needs to tell the truth should raise plenty of red flags.

As The Inquisitr has previously noted, the sneak peek for the week does give a glimpse into how intense this Ryan and Franco dynamic will be over the next few shows. In fact, General Hospital spoilers from the Twitter preview suggest that Ryan may completely lose his grip and even stab or otherwise harm Franco.

Whether people love it or hate it, there’s no arguing that Jon Lindstrom, Maura West, and Roger Howarth have been dishing out some fantastic scenes as they portray Ryan, Ava, and Franco. General Hospital spoilers tease that there are more great scenes on the way, and viewers will not want to miss seeing where this all heads next.

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